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We are the leading team building event and group activity producer in North America. Delivering exceptional corporate team building, training, and coaching solution for over 25 years.
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Leadership Team

Jules Joyce

President, devoted mother and thrill-seeking daredevil.

Mike Cavers

Creative Director, entertainment content creator, irrepressible storyteller, and proud dad.

Murray Seward

Partner of the Outback Group of Companies, original Outback Employee of the year, and one time Grouse Grind champ.

Tiff Daniels

Partner; passionate about experiential events and team building initiatives, skiing, travel & family.

Isla Robertson

Vice President, Operations. Sporty spice, continent seeker, master mom negotiator.

Employee Engagement Consultants

Chris Marshall

Senior Engagement Consultant, Global Traveller, Sports Fanatic and looks forward to sharing his passion of the outdoors with his kids.

Bryan McWilliams

Senior Engagement Consultant and resident mixologist. Loves being creative and finding the perfect event for his customers.

Jordan Menu

Senior Engagement Consultant, Jordan’s favorite games include Ultimate Frisbee, Dodgeball and play time with his sons.

Michael Culp

Senior Employee Engagement Consultant. International traveler, and football superstar.

Anthony Colistro

Senior Employee Engagement Consultant. Thrill seeker and Survivor fanatic with a love for amazing craft beer.

Emily Thun

Employee Engagement Consultant. Adventure seeker, dog enthusiast, amateur chef.

Hannah Lee

Employee Engagement Consultant. Golf Professional, Foodie, Music Lover

Jensen Hoskins

Employee Engagement Consultant. Explorer, adventurer, extra.

Event Operations Team

Derek B

Events Manager, athlete, and music lover.

Adrian D

Event Coordinator. Sports fan, foodie, movie lover.

Bianca F

Event Coordinator. Globe trotter, passionate about new experiences, and music lover.

Dannah MacPhail

Event Coordinator. Social butterfly, comedy lover, kid at heart.

Kayla Suhner

Event Coordinator. Adventure seeker, extrovert, travel enthusiast.

Event Coordinators

Aiden MacIntyre

Event Coordinator. Animal lover, fitness class junkie, and outdoor enthusiast!

Bradley V

Event Coordinator. Coffee enthusiast, European traveller, and family man.

Brynne S

Event Coordinator. Lover of travel, good food, and laughter.

Cara T

Event Coordinator. Actor, novelist, and wannabe Oscar-winning archaeologist.

Heather R

Event Coordinator. Dancing queen, surfer, and globe trotter.

Jason R

Event Coordinator. Knowledge seeker, events junkie, and sports fanatic.

Kristin W

Event Coordinator. Wedding planner, sportsball fan, and “Pommy Mommy.”

Kelvin A

Event Coordinator. Competitive cheerleader, public speaker, and humanitarian.

Miguel C

Event Coordinator. Outgoing people person, lover of the outdoors, and avid snowboarder.

Noel F

Event Coordinator. Outdoor adventurer, social connector, and learning enthusiast.

Sandra H

Event Coordinator. Country singer, award-winning seamstress, and natural-born leader.

Stephanie K

Event Coordinator. Professional planner, competitive curler, and ultimate frisbee champion.

Travona N

Event Coordinator. Competitive athlete, energetic world traveler, and real-life cheerleader.

Caren K

Event Coordinator. Outdoor enthusiast, dog lover, and passionate helper of others.

Ethan A

Event Coordinator. Museum lover, adventurer, passionate non-fiction reader.

Tara L

Event Coordinator. Choir Nerd, Storytelling Geek, and Roller Skating Fanatic

Lynn O

Event Coordinator. World Traveler and Adventurer, Avid Volunteer, Theater Lover

Robby S

Event Coordinator. Showtune lover, culinary adventurer, joy-maker.

Pattie G

Event Coordinator. Dog lover, amateur chef, and adventurer.

Sara B

Event Coordinator. Theatre kid, environmentalist, dance enthusiast.

Kris W

Event Coordinator. Sports nerd, father, hunter of good Mexican food and cold IPA.

Stacey C

Event Coordinator. Happy, animal-loving, funny mother.

Kevin F

Event Coordinator. Actor, foodie, escape room connoisseur.

Stef R

Event Coordinator. Yoga enthusiast, foodie, and cat mom.

Kyla F

Event Coordinator. Novelty lover, lifelong learner, multidisciplinary artist.

Barbara B.

Event Coordinator. Creative, outgoing, resourceful.

Ken L.

Event Coordinator. Comedian, musician, actor.

Sam P

Event Coordinator. Shakespearean actor, axe-throwing coach, dating and relationship coach.

Kathryn M

Event Coordinator. Actor, animal lover and collector of unusual facts.

Eric F

Event Coordinator. Writer, comedian, and producer.

Pauline S

Event Coordinator. Educator, foodie, travel lover.

Josh S

Event Coordinator. Team player, passionate, YouTube addict

Amine B

Event Coordinator. Musician, World Traveler, BBQ Junkie

Marketing Team

Cayla Wedemeyer

Marketing Manager. Disc golfer, travel enthusiast, foodie.

Ignitor Training

Lyndon Friesen

Lead Facilitator at Ignitor Training, and skill development coach.

Wendy Ace

Lead Facilitator at Ignitor Training, development coach, and educator.

Lucianne Henry

Ignitor Facilitator, business development specialist, and coach.