Michael Culp

Senior Employee Engagement Consultant. International traveler, and football superstar.
michael culp

Growing up in a small town, Michael always wanted to get out and explore the world. Since then, he has been lucky enough to go on some pretty amazing adventures around the world. Some of his favourite experiences include snorkeling in Mexico, zip-lining in Costa Rica, climbing Mt. Vesuvius in Italy, riding a camel in the Canary Islands, and walking on a glacier in Alaska.

Michael has a background in the entertainment, tourism, and hospitality fields. His diverse experiences give him a unique perspective on team building and corporate group activities. While work has kept him on the road in the past, he’s happy to be settling down now with his wife and dog.

With a passion for an active lifestyle, Michael enjoys rock climbing, dodgeball, golf, volleyball, ping pong, and most of all… football!