Sandra H

Event Coordinator. Country singer, award-winning seamstress, and natural-born leader.
sandra huntsman

Sandra has been performing in front of a crowd since before she can remember. Growing up, she was drawn to both theatre and music, and enjoyed spending time in the spotlight and behind the scenes. She eventually worked her way into theatrical production and management, while still performing as a singer and musical theatre actor.

The oldest of four children, Sandra is a natural-born leader. She has always been the first to rally the troops, and spent a big part of her childhood taking her family and friends on one imaginative adventure after another.

These days, Sandra still loves leading adventures in the city, in nature, and abroad. She takes every opportunity to travel and experience different landscapes, cultures, and people.

In her spare time, Sandra also enjoys singing in a country band, creating costumes as an award-winning seamstress, and spending time with her family. She has a big passion for awesome motivational quotes, collecting shoes, and bringing groups of people together to create amazing experiences!