Cara T

Event Coordinator. Actor, novelist, and wannabe Oscar-winning archaeologist.
cara trautman

A fan of Indiana Jones, Cara felt drawn to adventure early on in life. This zest for exploration sparked an interest in underwater archeology, taking her to the Dominican Republic on several expeditions, and to Gabon and Uganda to teach agriculture and HIV Education.

Cara has a passion for comedy and all things funny. Having performed and taught improvisation for over fifteen years, she’s constantly inspired by her students and honored to help them hone their craft. Cara also has a passion for writing. As a published author, she has fun creating relatable characters and crafting comical storylines.

Always energetic, Cara finds great joy in connecting with new people and exploring new cities. She loves the fast pace and excitement of event coordination and cannot wait to host a fantastic event near you!

In her free time, Cara enjoys traveling, camping, sailing, scuba diving, meditating, and attempting to garden.