Anthony Colistro

Senior Employee Engagement Consultant. Thrill seeker and Survivor fanatic with a love for amazing craft beer.
anthony colistro

Anthony is a fun loving person who always believes in keeping a positive attitude. He loves to test himself in thrill-seeking adventures like zip lining, white water rafting, bungee jumping and even bob sledding in the Mystic Mountain of Ocho Rios. He hopes to soon add sky diving and wingsuit flying to this list.

A passion for fair-weather travel has taken Anthony around the world, backpacking through Australia, Mexico and Jamaica in search of the perfect beach.

With four siblings, Anthony grew up in a large Italian family. Because of this, he has always been very friend and family-oriented. His family and friends have been instrumental in helping him strive to be better and reach his goals.

Anthony comes from a customer service background where he planned social events. His adventurous spirit and customer focus led him to be a dedicated event solutions expert.