Kelvin A

Event Coordinator. Competitive cheerleader, public speaker, and humanitarian.
kelvin alston

Since he can remember, Kelvin’s mission has been to inspire as many people as he possibly can. He has a long-standing passion for supporting and encouraging others as they pursue their goals and go on their personal journeys.

You could almost say that Kelvin was born to be in front of a crowd, having found his first passion – gymnastics – at a young age. Not long after discovering his love of this sport, however, Kelvin was introduced to the exciting world of cheerleading. It was through competitive cheer in both high school and college that Kelvin truly discovered how much he loved being in front of a crowd, inspiring large groups of people with his energy. Whether leading a stadium full of fans, or a conference room full of executives, Kelvin is ready to help ignite the crowd.

Throughout his career, Kelvin has brought this same contagious energy to his work life. Since leaving cheer, Kelvin has been involved in public speaking, marketing, and youth recreational services.

When he’s not on an event, you can find Kelvin supporting his community, and finding ways to inspire his friends and family.