Mike Cavers

Creative Director, entertainment content creator, irrepressible storyteller, and proud dad.
Mike Cavers headshot Outback

Mike is a seasoned creator and producer of original entertainment for prominent events. He has put together shows and performed so many places that when he thinks about it, he just sees a blurred montage with bits highlighted. This includes performing for world leaders, working with a very friendly elephant named Lisa, co-writing an award-winning comedy web series, and having a panic attack stuck on a mountain gondola at 2:00 AM dressed as Elvis…he tries not to think about that one too much.

The new world of virtual event entertainment has become Mike’s joyful obsession. Creating events with Outback that bring laughter and connection to workgroups around the world makes Mike smile even more than he used to.

Mike’s weekends are reserved for cooking, spending time with his lovely wife and grown-up daughters, or diving into a good sci-fi novel for the afternoon.