Noel F

Event Coordinator. Outdoor adventurer, social connector, and learning enthusiast.
noel farrand

Noel is always seeking out new adventures of all shapes and sizes. His love for the outdoors began at a young age and has yet to show any sign of slowing down. These days, Noel likes to spend his spare time skiing, surfing, rock climbing, bouldering, and trekking. In addition to these adventurous pursuits, he also enjoys playing outdoor team sports like soccer and beach volleyball.

Noel also travels extensively and likes to hunt out exciting new things to experience. He values spending quality time with family and friends, talking politics, making meals, and getting competitive with board games. A passionate social connector, Noel is usually someone who takes the lead in creating fun and memorable experiences.

Noel’s background is in facilitating and coordinating educational and development programs for individuals of all ages. He enjoys event planning and coordinating constructive interpersonal experiences, especially with an emphasis on creativity, collaboration, and inclusion. Noel is dedicated to continual growth, and seeks to gain valuable insights from each and every group he encounters.