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Have fun and give back with charity & philanthropic team building activities. Get hands-on with your Corporate Social Responsibility and make a real difference in the community.


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School Supply Scramble

Complete fun challenges to earn school supplies and backpacks for local children in need.

Military Support Mission

Support the troops with a charity activity that directly benefits military personnel serving abroad.

Charity Bike Buildathon

Build, decorate, and donate bicycles to a local children’s charity.

Bookworm Builders

Build and customize bookshelves for children in your community.

Wheelchairs For Charity

Build and test wheelchairs for individuals in need, and give back in a meaningful way with your team.

Play It Forward

Challenge your team to give back with an exciting charity scavenger hunt.

Random Acts Of Kindness

Compete to see which team can perform the most good deeds before time runs out.

End-Hunger Games

Let the games begin with teamwork challenges centered around non-perishable food items.

Custom Events

Dream up your ideal team building event, and we will turn it into a reality!

Combine team building with philanthropic charity work

There’s something about charity work that brings groups closer together, working towards a common goal that matters. You get to build memories as a team as you work on communication skills and problem solving. Simply put, philanthropy and team building are a great combination.

Canadian Outback Adventures & Events has a proven track record for providing successful companies with innovative group Activities and Events, training and education programs, and entertainment solutions. All of our solutions are designed to build camaraderie, boost morale, and enhance productivity.

You can choose from a variety of charitable team building activities, available anywhere across North America. Whether you have a big group or small, a lot of resources or a tight budget – our team can help you give back in a way that matters.

No matter which charity or philanthropic activity you choose, you can feel good about doing something that helps make a difference on your team, and the community you’re in.

Make corporate social responsibility (CSR) more fun

The trouble with the phrase “corporate social responsibility” is in that last word – responsibility. Participating in some traditional CSR initiatives can feel like a chore for employees, like something they have to do. It’s easy for some groups to get tired of…

  • Fundraising from family, friends, and strangers
  • Volunteering their free time outside of work
  • Doing repetitive or monotonous tasks
  • Never seeing the result of their charity

It doesn’t have to be like that though – what if your corporate social responsibility was more fun and rewarding? Our charity and philanthropic activities transform volunteering and philanthropic work into a game-like experience. Your team will be able to get hands-on, give back in an immediate way, and see the direct impact of their charity work.

Give back to a charity or cause important to your team

What types of philanthropic causes matter to your organization? All of our charity and philanthropic team building activities can be tailored to give back to a charity or cause that is personal to your team, such as:

  • Community & welfare programs
  • Local children in need
  • Schools & education programs
  • People living with disabilities or injuries
  • Environment & conservation efforts
  • Health & medical research

Whether you’re interested in assembling bikes for kids who can’t afford them, creating sculptures out of canned goods for the local food bank, or completing random acts of kindness for strangers in the community – a team charity activity is a great way to make a difference.