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6 charity team building activities that are engaging, give back, and can be run anywhere in North America.
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Charity Bike Buildathon

Build, decorate, and donate bicycles to a local children’s charity.
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Random Acts of Kindness

Compete to see which team can perform the most good deeds before time runs out.
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Do-Good Games

Compete to see which team can perform the most good deeds before time runs out.
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hardware harmony team building hero

Hardware Harmony

Use tools, parts, and hardware to create musical harmony.
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military support mission team building hero1 copy

Military Support Mission

Support the troops with a charity activity that directly benefits military personnel serving abroad.
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school supply scramble team building hero 3

School Supply Scramble

Complete fun challenges to earn school supplies and backpacks for local children in need.
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wheelchairs for charity team building hero

Wheelchairs for Charity

Build and test wheelchairs for individuals in need, and give back in a meaningful way with your team.
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What is Charity Team Building?

Charity and philanthropic team building activities are events and games that help to create meaningful relationships with your coworkers while giving back to your community. Along with making a positive impact, our corporate charity team building activities are composed of challenges that create stronger bonds with your team through collaboration, problem solving, creative thinking, and fun-filled experiences.

Here at Outback Team Building & Training, we offer a wide range of unique charity team building activities to choose from. To get started, you’ll first need to figure out what type of team building exercise will be the right fit for your group:

    • Outdoor Charity Team Building Activities: Perfect for employees who need a blast of fresh air and enjoy being active. In outdoor charity team building activities like Random Acts of Kindness, you and your colleagues will get to go out into the community and directly help people, as you complete as many “good deed” challenges as possible until time runs out.


    • Indoor Charity Team Building Activities: These events are convenient for event planners, because they can be done right in your meeting space. A philanthropic indoor team building activity such as School Supply Scramble, for example, has employees completing fun challenges to earn school supplies to assemble custom backpacks that will be donated to local children in need.


    • Hands-On Charity Team Building Activities: Hands-on charity team building activities are great for individuals who enjoy physically building something tangible. Activities such as Charity Bike Buildathon and Wheelchairs for Charity have your employees working together to assemble bicycles or wheelchairs for individuals in need, and then donating them.

Why Do a Charity and Philanthropic Team Building Activity?

Corporate social responsibility has become a major focal point for many businesses over the years. More and more, employees want to work for an organization that makes a positive impact. And, more and more, companies are making a point to give back to their communities or specific industries. Here are three reasons why charity and philanthropic team building activities are so popular with corporate groups:

1.Give Back to Your Community: With charity team building activities, your actions directly make a positive impact on your community or to a cause that matters to your team.

2.Make Meaningful Connections with Colleagues: Because you’re working together for a good cause, the bonds you’ll create with your coworkers will be deep and significant.

3.Feel Good: Helping others inevitably makes you feel good, too. It’s a virtuous exchange of positivity.

How to Pick the Right Charity Team Building Activity for Your Group

How do you know which charity team building activity will be the right fit for you and your colleagues? Follow these two easy steps to start:

    • Figure out what your goals for the event are. Our wide variety of philanthropic team building activities also give employees the chance to work on skills like problem solving, collaboration, and communication.

Just give us a call for your free consultation and our Employee Engagement Consultants can help you find the best choice for your team.

The Benefits of Charity Team Building Activities

Charity and philanthropic team building activities are more than just a way to have fun with your colleagues — although that’s certainly a big part of it. They also offer some serious benefits. Here are three of them:

    • Support a Cause that Matters to Your Group – Charity team building activities are a great opportunity to support something that really matters to you and your colleagues, whether it’s a particular non-profit organization or an animal shelter. The beneficiary will directly feel your efforts and that means that your team is really making a difference.
    • Push Your Boundaries – Charity team building activities can get employees to step outside their comfort zones. Whether that means challenging them to use skills that they don’t typically use everyday or approaching a person on the street to do a good deed, these kind of team building activities can encourage you to do something you might not normally do.
    • Strengthen Your Working Relationships – Working together on charity and philanthropic team building activities with your group will foster deep connections with your colleagues. You and your coworkers will be both connecting on another level outside of the office, as well as coming together for a cause bigger than yourselves — which is humbling.

Why Are Charity Team Building Activities So Popular?

Recent studies show that there is a 50% reduction in employee turnover when employees are engaged in CSR programs. One of the main reasons that charity team building activities are so popular is because they make the act of giving a bit more accessible. Sometimes, an individual will want to contribute to a cause or make an impact in their community, but they might think that they don’t have a way to do it. It could be because they feel like they don’t have the financial capacity to make a real difference, or they aren’t sure where to start when it comes to philanthropy.

With charity team building activities, though, employees are able to easily give back to a cause that’s important to them. You have the financial backing of your company — so that part is taken care of — and with the extra manpower of your office employees coming together, you can make a significant impact that your beneficiary will feel.

How to Plan a Charity Team Building Activity

So, you’re ready to start planning your charity and philanthropic event! There are a few points to consider when organizing these kind of team building activities. Here are some key things to keep in mind:

    • Set Your Goals – What is the purpose of your corporate charity team building activity? Is it to give back to your community? Is it to encourage your colleagues to work on a particular skillset? Both? When you’ve narrowed down your ultimate goal, it’ll make it easy to choose which type of philanthropic activity is right for your group.
    • Choose Your Activity – Once you’ve set your goals, you can choose your charity team building activity that best aligns with what you want to achieve. And, of course, don’t forget that you can always create your very own Custom Event that hits all of your marks! Plus, all of our team building activities here at Outback are scalable for any group size and can be run anywhere in North America. Our team is here to support you if you run into roadblocks or have any questions. Just give us a call!
    • Pick an Organization to Support – Now’s the best part: choosing the organization that will benefit from your charity team building activity! You could try getting feedback from your colleagues on what kind of initiative they’d like to support, or take a look at your own community to see who’s in need of a helping hand.

Where Can You Do Charity Team Building Activities?

Your venue is an important part of your charity team building activity. And, your choice will also depend on whether your event is taking place indoors or outdoors. Here are some popular options for philanthropic team building:

    • Hotel Conference Rooms – Hotel meeting spaces are convenient for indoor charity team building activities because you don’t need to venture very far to get there. This is great, especially if your team is on something like a company retreat.
    • City Streets – For outdoor charity team building activities like Random Acts of Kindness where your group will embark on challenges set around your location, taking it to the streets can be your best bet.
    • Private Venues – You can rent out spaces like a heritage hall or a country club ballroom to host your charity team building activity in a more unique setting. If your employees are participating in an outdoor team building activity, look for features like a courtyard or green space where you can do your event outside.
    • Your Office – Seems like a no-brainer, but your office can really be one of the best places to hold your charity team building activity! It’s easy, affordable, and accessible — especially if everyone’s already there.

Custom Charity Events

When you partner with Outback, you can also create your very own custom philanthropic team building event! Here are some examples of companies who participated in a Custom Event, and gave back in a way that was just perfect for their team:

    • PepsiCo – One of PepsiCo’s core values is “Growing the Number of Women Leaders.” That’s why it made perfect sense when their team in Bradenton, Florida asked Outback to customize their School Supply Scramble team building activity to focus on empowering women. Instead of solving challenges to get school supplies to put together kids backpacks, the employees tackled female-focused challenges and assemble special care packages for the local Women’s Resource Center.
    • Foresters Financial and National Agents Alliance – These two companies came together in North Carolina to make a difference with a custom Military Support Mission charity team building activity. Event organizers integrated the activity with extra volunteer work to make more of an impact. Along with assembling 50 military care packs in their activity to be delivered to troops abroad, the group prepared an additional 300 hygiene kits.


The Best Charity Team Building Activities for Corporate Groups

At Outback, we offer a wide variety of options for charity and philanthropic charity team building activities. But, of course, the best events are the ones that are just right for your team — that make them feel good, help them build stronger relationships with each other, and give back to the community. Here are some of our top charity team building activities for corporate groups:

    • Charity Bike Buildathon Solve fun challenges to earn building supplies to assemble customized bikes for children in need. Then, donate them to an organization of your choice.
    • Wheelchairs for Charity In this philanthropic activity, your group will build wheelchairs for individuals in need, test them on a special course, and then donate them to charitable organization.
    • Random Acts of Kindness This scavenger hunt for charity team building challenges employees to complete as many good deeds as possible in a limited amount of time. How many Random Acts of Kindness can you do?
    • End Hunger GamesYour group will collect as many non-perishable food items as possible in this philanthropic competition, then try to assemble an impressive structure using only the items. After, you’ll donate all the non-perishables to a local food bank.


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