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9 outdoor team building activities that are engaging, entertaining, and can be run anywhere in North America.
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The Olympiad Challenge

Step onto the world’s biggest stage to compete for gold alongside your colleagues in an Olympic-style challenge based on the ancient athletic games.
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Wild Goose Chase

Explore your city with a budget-friendly scavenger hunt.
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cardboard boat building challenge team building hero 2

Cardboard Boat Building Challenge

Challenge your team to build boats out of nothing but cardboard and tape.
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crime scene investigators team building hero

CI: The Crime Investigators

Use your detective skills to find evidence, uncover clues, and solve a deadly crime.
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random acts of kindness teambuilding hero

Random Acts of Kindness

Compete to see which team can perform the most good deeds before time runs out.
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corporate castaways team building hero

Corporate Castaways

Transform teammates into tribemates with this activity inspired by the “Survivor” TV show.
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amazingchase team building hero 2

The Amazing Chase

Go out and explore your city with this interactive race, based on the popular TV show.
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campus goose chase team building hero

Campus Goose Chase

Explore your campus with this exciting photo scavenger hunt for students or faculty.
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picnic party games feature image 2

Picnic Party Games

Head outdoors with your team and let the Picnic Party Games begin!
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city chase scavenger hunt team building header

City Chase: Scavenger Hunt

Embark on the ultimate scavenger hunt with your colleagues in City Chase! Explore your city like never before and compete to complete city-themed challenges around your neck of the woods.
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What Is Outdoor Team Building?

Engaging events and games that take place completely outdoors. Not only are they a great way to get employees out of meetings rooms and into the fresh air at your next corporate event, but they can also make for a perfect opportunity to explore your city and discover the sights around you. Our outdoor team building activities are specially designed to foster stronger connections with your team through entertaining challenges, creative thinking, and even philanthropic efforts. We can also design custom activities for your group.

First, you’ll need to determine what type of team building exercise will be a good fit for your group. We offer a wide variety of unique options including:

    • Active Activities – These high-energy activities are perfect for those who enjoy getting active. Active outdoor team building activities such as Wild Goose Chase and The Amazing Chase will have you racing to the finish line as you complete silly and spirited photo and video challenges. These type of events are also an exciting way to get outside and discover your location in a unique way.
    • Strategic Activities – For groups wanting to stretch their mental muscles, strategic team building activities such as CI: The Crime Investigators and Corporate Castaways can provide an opportunity to think critically outside of the box. These events are great for quick-witted groups who enjoy brainteasers and strategy-focused games.
    • Charity Activities – Make a real difference with your team building exercise. Charitable outdoor team activities, such as Random Acts of Kindness and End-Hunger Games, will have your group embark on feel-good challenges that directly make a positive impact to your community.


Three Reasons to Do an Outdoor Team Building Activity

While being experts at helping our customers build better teams is a pretty good reason, it’s not the only one why they consistently provide us with five-star feedback. Here are the top three reasons why our outdoor team building activities are so popular:

    • Weather: Never worry about rain on your parade! All of our outdoor solutions are covered by our Peace of Mind Plan, which allows you to substitute your outdoor experience for one of our top indoor activities in case the weather doesn’t cooperate.
    • Discovery: Explore your surroundings in a really unique way. Whether you’re giving back to the community with a philanthropic event or checking out local landmarks in a scavenger hunt, your work group will get to experience a different side of your city.
    • Attainable: You don’t need to be a triathlete to participate in our outdoor team activities. We have a wide variety of scalable options for employees of all physical abilities, plus all of our programs can be customized to suit your team’s specific needs.


How to Pick the Right Type of Outdoor Team Building Activity for Your Group

First, you need to determine what your goals are for your outdoor team bonding activity. Are you wanting to hone a particular skill, like problem solving or communication? Are you needing an energy boost break in between sessions and meetings? Or do you simply want to have fun with your colleagues and get to know each other better? Whatever your goals are, our Employee Engagement Consultants can help you pick a solution based on your team’s needs. Reach out for a free consultation to learn more!

The Benefits of Outdoor Team Building Activities

Not only do they serve as an opportunity to get some fresh air and explore your location, but they are also an exciting way to develop stronger relationships with your work colleagues. Here are three more direct benefits of outdoor team activities for work groups:

    • Get Out of Your Comfort Zone – Outdoor team activities can challenge you to do something that you might never have attempted otherwise. For some, that could mean participating in a team building event in general. For others, it could be allowing yourself to come out of your shell a bit more, or racing cardboard boats in the water.
    • Meet Different Coworkers – We all have friends in the workplace who we naturally gravitate towards and that we’re closer to than others. And this can be isolating, even if it’s unintentional. Outdoor team solutions provide the opportunity to better get to know colleagues that you haven’t spent much time with or who work in other departments.
    • Channel Different Skills – No matter what your greatest strength is at work, corporate outdoor events can allow you to hone in on something different and challenge skillsets that you might not use everyday, from problem solving to creativity.

Why Are Outdoor Team Building Activities So Popular?

One of the biggest reasons why outdoor work events are popular is because they allow employees to loosen up. Some people might feel like they aren’t able to totally relax at work for a number of reasons: they need to maintain a certain level of professionalism, could feel intimated by their boss, or haven’t made any meaningful connections with their colleagues.

When people are out of their office environment, though, they generally feel more comfortable to be their natural selves. Team building events outside of the office create the perfect opportunity to cultivate that.

No matter what kind of outdoor team building activity you choose — from active to charity — these events pluck you out of your workplace, put you in a completely new situation, and allow you and your teammates to have fun while tackling challenges together.

How to Plan an Outdoor Team Building Activity

Ready to start planning your team activity? There are a few things to consider when organizing these kinds of events. Here are three things you can do to plan a seamless outdoor team building activity:

    • Get Feedback – Not sure what kind of outdoor team building activity your co-workers would like to participate in? Does your team even want to get outside of the office? Ask them! That way, you can ensure everyone is happy with the event choice. We have a wide variety of options to choose from, plus all of our activities are scalable to any group size and can be run anywhere in North America.
    • Pick Your Date Early – The earlier you start planning your outdoor team bonding activity, the easier it will be. But, of course, roadblocks come up and, if they do, don’t worry! Our team is available to help if you have any last-minute requests, questions, or concerns. We’re here to support you every step of the way, and we’re known for our fast solution turnaround — so just get in touch!
    • Wear Appropriate Clothing – Be sure to send your employees a list of recommended clothing items to wear the day of their outdoor activity. Keep in mind weather fluctuations and what type of event your team will be doing, too: if you’re participating in The Amazing Chase where you’ll be running around, layers and sneakers are probably your best options. After all, you want to make sure that you and your colleagues are totally comfortable!

Where Can You Do Outdoor Team Building Activities?

There are many different types of venues for outdoor events, ranging from parks and beaches to even the streets of your city. The best space, of course, is always the one that fits your team’s size and needs. Here some of the most popular location to hold an outdoor team activity for your work group:

    • Parks – A local park can be a great place to hold your outdoor event. The green space provides a nice escape to nature for employees who are typically stuck inside an office all day. And, there will be plenty of room to run around if your activity calls for it. If you choose a hosted program, our event coordinators will come and set up the area, so it has everything you need for the fun and exciting challenges.
    • Beaches – There’s nothing like the ocean breeze to make you feel refreshed and recharged! The beach is also a great venue to do outdoor team bonding games and activities. The air is crisp, which can be useful in waking up tired employees; the soothing sound of the waves can ease any nerves; and the sand between your toes can almost make you feel as if you’re on vacation! The beach is also a versatile location for outdoor activities for the abundance of space it offers and particularly if there are other facilities, including green spaces, nearby. It’s an aesthetically pleasing setting, as well.
    • City Streets – If you’re participating in an outdoor scavenger hunt like The Amazing Chase, your surrounding city streets can be an ideal location for your corporate event. No two cities are the same, so your experience can be totally unique. And, if you’re holding your event in a new destination, outdoor team building activities can also be a great way to sightsee and visit local landmarks — especially if your team is on a tight schedule that would otherwise prevent you from exploring a new place.

How to Choose the Best Venue for an Outdoor Team Building Activity

A venue can really make or break any type of event. To ensure you’re making the right choice for your outdoor employee bonding activity, here are five things to consider when picking the location:

    • Temperature – Are you going to be directly in the hot sun or in a shadier location for most of the day during your event? You might need to bring sunscreen, hats, or extra clothing layers depending on how hot or cool it will be outside.
    • Location Size – Is the area big enough to comfortably accommodate your group? Ensure that you have enough space to run your outdoor activity comfortably.
    • Traffic – Will there be traffic or cars on the road close to where you’ll be running your outdoor team event?
    • Lighting – Is there enough natural light available? Does the location get comfortably bright or dim enough for your exercises?
    • Sound – Is it a loud environment? Check the surrounding area for noisiness that may distract from your event — a good factor to keep in mind if you’re looking to run your activity on city streets.

The Best Outdoor Team Building Activities

The best solutions are the ones that provides your group with the most amazing experience! Here are five of our most popular outdoor employee bonding activities:

  • The Amazing ChaseBased on the popular TV show, this energetic activity will have your group split into teams, follow clues around the city, and tackle fun challenges to unlock new destinations.
  • Random Acts of Kindness Compete to see which team can perform the most random acts of kindness before time runs out. This charity activity directly benefits the local community.
  • Corporate Castaways Teammates turn into tribemates in this friendly competition inspired by the reality TV show, Survivor. Strategize, complete physical and mental challenges, and see who earns the most points!
  • Picnic Party Games Head to a local park or green space, split into teams, and use the Outback Team Building & Training smartphone app to complete silly photo and video challenges in a set amount of time.
  • Wild Goose Chase Solve intellectual riddles, take on fun physical challenges, and discover your city in this corporate scavenger hunt.

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