Heather R

Event Coordinator. Dancing queen, surfer, and globe trotter.
heather ramsey 2

Heather grew up in a cultural melting pot, giving her an enthusiastic appreciation for museums, theaters, and live music. Her exposure to the arts awakened her spirit of adventure, and a passion for world travel. Always seeking the road less travelled, she searches for hidden gems and local flavours in every new city she explores.

When she’s not coordinating events or travelling, Heather enjoys volunteering with The Women’s Fund, a non-profit organization. Through community seminars and classes, Heather teaches other young women about healthy eating and living.

In her leisure time, she likes to finds adventure in globe-trotting, spending time with her Godchildren, dancing, mastering family recipes, and working out with friends. Heather’s goal is to one day surf off the coast of New Zealand.