Kyla F

Event Coordinator. Novelty lover, lifelong learner, multidisciplinary artist.
Kyla Ferrier Headshot 2

Kyla is a multidisciplinary artist who embraces any kind of practice that creates a sense of freedom and ground for growth. She’s a big-time advocate for the unabashed pursing of an interest, learning to push past (or gently navigate through) barriers, and encouraging others to do the same.

She values discovering connections between ideas, being curious about people, and experiencing truth, beauty, and energy anywhere and everywhere they can be found. Kyla is always on the lookout for soul-riches.

Kyla is very into doing and the magic of action which take form in her life through painting, filmmaking, songwriting, singing, composing, snowboarding, running, improvising, producing, traveling, concert-going, seeing live theatre, and project managing. She also esteems meditation, stillness, and making ample space in the day to day for contemplation. Inspired by the unadulterated candor of children, Kyla tends to seek out the kid in herself and in others by exploring the world, trying new things, asking good questions, paying attention, and laughing out loud!