Jensen Hoskins

Employee Engagement Consultant. Explorer, adventurer, extra.
jensen hoskins headshot

Jensen is a professional problem solver. He has an insatiable curiosity, love of learning, and enthusiasm for helping others. Jensen is a strong advocate for experiential learning and has a passion for science, often testing his physics theories from behind the wheel of a track car or go-kart. When he isn’t planning and theorizing his next automotive escapades, Jensen loves traveling and exploring new cultures and destinations with his fiancé. 

Jensen has a wealth of experience working in various industries and roles ranging from community policing and public safety to international trade, printing, film, health and wellness, and marketing. With a mindset that keeps him growing and evolving, he is also currently challenging himself by preparing for a bodybuilding competition and picking up his Personal Training Certification. 

With a heart for helping and a mind for business, Jensen is looking forward to helping you and your team find the perfect solution.