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Do you need a team building activity that can be run in your conference room, office, or hotel venue? Our indoor event solutions take weather out of the mix and bring the team building to you. Choose from options that can be run in a variety of indoor spaces and fit budgets big or small.


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School Supply Scramble

Complete fun challenges to earn school supplies and backpacks for local children in need.

Military Support Mission

Support the troops with a charity activity that directly benefits military personnel serving abroad.

Charity Bike Buildathon

Build, decorate, and donate bicycles to a local children’s charity.

Minute To Win It

Tackle fun, 60-second challenges with this exciting activity based on the popular TV show.

Team Pursuit

Play to your team’s strengths as you take on four types of challenges – mental, physical, skill, and mystery.

Cardboard Boat Building Challenge

Challenge your team to build boats out of nothing but cardboard and tape.

CI: The Crime Investigators

Use your detective skills to find evidence, uncover clues, and solve a deadly crime.

Domino Effect Challenge

Build a gigantic “chain-reaction” machine and set it in motion with this collaborative team building activity.

Bookworm Builders

Build and customize bookshelves for children in your community.

Wheelchairs For Charity

Build and test wheelchairs for individuals in need, and give back in a meaningful way with your team.

Clue Murder Mystery

Can your group solve who had the means, motive, and opportunity to commit a deadly crime?

Escape Room: Jewel Heist

Try an “escape room” experience designed especially for corporate groups.

Kidnapped! A Rescue Mission

Organize an emergency rescue mission with your team to find a missing person.

Supercar Derby Challenge

Get ready to start your engines with this exciting team building activity.

Code Break

Solve puzzles, riddles, and trivia in this team building competition.

Getting To Know You

Break the ice and learn more about your colleagues with this social scavenger hunt.

Junkyard Orchestra

Find your rhythm as a group with this musical team building activity.

End-Hunger Games

Let the games begin with teamwork challenges centered around non-perishable food items.

Outstanding Performance Through Art

Develop teamwork and communication skills with this creative team building activity.

Cardboard TRAIN-ing Express

Build cardboard trains as a group, and get ready to board the teamwork express!

Custom Events

Dream up your ideal team building event, and we will turn it into a reality!

Our unique approach to indoor team building

Our indoor team building activities bring people together with fun photo challenges, creative thinking exercises and, in some cases, giving back to the community. Challenge your team to grow with one of our many fun offerings. Need a custom designed group activity? We can do that too!

Indoor team building activities are scalable for groups of any size and can be taken to whichever location you are holding your event. Let us bring the fun to you with an activity such as Getting To Know You, The Apprentice.

Whether you are looking to get to know your team, imitate the paparazzi or construct an artistic masterpiece out of canned food, we have an event that is perfect for you.

Top three reasons to run an indoor team building activity

Some of the most popular indoor activities use smartphone technology to make it easy and engaging for attendees to get to know each other better. For example:

  1. Ease: Our many indoor team building activities can be run as a part of your meeting, conference or summit. We will provide you with everything you need and make the activity as easy as possible for you. Let our experts take the stress out of team building.
  2. Weather: You never know what the weather is going to look like. Whatever is happening outdoors, your event will run smoothly with an indoor activity. Ensure that your event goes off without a hitch by running an activity in the comfort of the indoors.
  3. Accessibility: Not everyone wants to go on a physical adventure. By running an indoor activity, everyone can participate and work together. Team building doesn’t have to be overly physical and our indoor activities are just as effective and fun as the outdoor ones.