Jordan Adams

Senior Engagement Consultant. World Traveler and Sushi Addict. Avid hiker and dreams of making a second attempt at the Base Camp of Everest or possibly further.
jordan adams

Raised in a small town, Jordan grew up working in trades before becoming a ski instructor and moving to a larger city for his university education.

After earning a Bachelor’s Degree, he left to travel New Zealand, Thailand, Cambodia, China, and Nepal. Upon his return to Canada, he joined the Outback team and has enjoyed every minute of it. With experience in coaching and customer service, he found his calling alongside his like-minded teammates, helping others find new and exciting activities.

If he’s not in the office, you’ll be able to find him in the backcountry, either hiking in the summer or skiing in the winter. His largest current ambition is to return to Nepal for a second attempt at making it to the Base Camp of Everest, or possibly further…