Chantal Wiesner

Operations Manager. Equestrian, singer, and people person.

Chantal enjoys working with others and meeting new people. Her love of being around people likely stems from spending a lot of time with her boisterous, fun-loving, and loud family while growing up. Her family has always enjoyed horseback riding, and that has been an activity Chantal has been doing since before she could walk! Being on horseback is Chantal’s happy place, and she always enjoys the chance to ride whenever she is visiting her parents on their farm.

Aside from horseback riding, Chantal has enjoyed participating in many sports teams throughout her life, including basketball, volleyball and badminton. She also really enjoys singing and has previously participated in choirs and other musical groups. Along with doing outdoor activities, Chantal is a big fan of the TV show Friends and enjoys catching the occasional show on TLC or the Bachelor and Bachelorette series.

Chantal spends most of her spare time buying new plants, trying new restaurants, and exploring new hiking trails!