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We are the leading team building event and group activity producer in North America. Delivering exceptional adventures experiences, teambuilding events, corporate training and exciting entertainment solutions for over 20 years.

Leadership Team

Jamie Corbett

Founder and CEO of Outback Team Building & Training, keen business leader, inspired entrepreneur and outback adventure seeker.

Murray Seward

President of the Outback Group of Companies, original Outback Employee of the year, and one time Grouse Grind champ.

Tiff Daniels

Director of Sales; passionate about experiential events and team building initiatives, skiing, travel & family.

Jules Joyce

Director of Events, devoted mother and thrill-seeking daredevil.

Isla Robertson

Customer Support Manager. Global explorer, loves outdoor recreation and enjoys seeing the world through her son’s eyes.

Datis Mohsenipour

Marketing Manager. Martial artist, foodie, and all around thrill seeker.

Olivia Jackson

HR Coordinator. Globetrotter, in constant search of her next great adventure.

Event Solutions Team

Chris Marshall

Employee Engagement Consultant, Global Traveller, Sports Fanatic and looks forward to sharing his passion of the outdoors with his kids.

Bryan McWilliams

Employee Engagement Consultant and resident mixologist. Loves being creative and finding the perfect event for his customers.

Jordan Menu

Employee Engagement Consultant, Jordan's favorite games include Ultimate Frisbee, Dodgeball and play time with his sons.

Jordan Adams

Employee Engagement Consultant, World Traveler and Sushi Addict. Avid hiker and dreams of making a second attempt at the Base Camp of Everest or possibly further.

Michael Holler

Employee Engagement Consultant. Baseball and soccer enthusiast, world traveller, and passionate for all things outdoors.

Michael Culp

Employee Engagement Consultant. International traveller, and football superstar.

Scott Webster

Employee Engagement Consultant. Business enthusiast, world traveller, and all-around athlete.

Steven Gracey

Employee Engagement Consultant. Explorer, thrill seeker, and water sports enthusiast.

Anthony Colistro

Employee Engagement Consultant. Thrill seeker and Survivor fanatic with a love for amazing craft beer.

Kavian Iranzad

Employee Engagement Consultant. Rock musician, and sports oracle.

Melissa Bowen

Employee Engagement Consultant. Adventurer, traveler, and sports addict.

Karim Ladki

Employee Engagement Consultant. A difference maker, entrepreneur, and surfer.

Karen Nolan

Employee Engagement Consultant. Health buff, philanthropist, and trained boxer.

Naiely Cabrera

Employee Engagement Consultant. Loves outdoor adventures, endurance sports, roller coasters, and scary movies.

Brendan Woodward

Employee Engagement Consultant. Student, collector of streetwear, and music enthusiast.

Danyel Mohsenipour

Employee Engagement Consultant. Woodworker, tech geek, multi-sport athlete, and builder of all things LEGO.

Event Operations Team

Aiden MacIntyre

Event Manager. Animal lover, fitness class junkie, and outdoor enthusiast!

Kristin Poch

Event Coordinator, avid attendant of summer music festivals, vinyl music collector, painter and lover of creating with her hands.

Carrie Hodgkins

Event Coordinator. A travel loving sports fan who enjoys cooking, spontaneous dance parties and hiking with her husband and dog.

Heather Zabriskie

Event Coordinator. Beach loving daredevil with a passion for events and leading others.

James Bennett

Event Coordinator. Adventure enthusiast and professional emcee.

Grace Keller

Event Coordinator. Wedding planner and adrenaline chaser.

Dennis Kaps

Event Coordinator. Lover of travel, people, and learning new things.

Heather Ramsey

Event Coordinator. Dancing queen, surfer, and globe trotter.

Miguel Campos

Event Coordinator. Outgoing people person, lover of the outdoors, and avid snowboarder.

Jordan MacDonald

Event Coordinator. Adventurer, business enthusiast, and a barrel of laughs!

Bradley Van Dussen

Event Coordinator. Coffee enthusiast, European traveller, and family man.

Jason Reichert

Event Coordinator. Knowledge seeker, events junkie, and sports fanatic.

Rebecca Clement

Event Coordinator. World traveler, passionate team player, and greeting card designer.

Libby Carbone

Event Coordinator. Hospitality expert, baseball lover, and diehard Leonardo DiCaprio fan.

Tawnya Sauer

Event Coordinator. Planner extraordinaire, dog lover, yogi, and always chasing upside-down adventures.

Lisa Hendin

Event Coordinator. Travel enthusiast and dog lover in search of new experiences.

Chris MacArthur

Event Coordinator. Spearfishing enthusiast, lover of cliff jumping, diving, and anything involving water.

Travona Niles

Event Coordinator. Competitive athlete, energetic world traveler, and real-life cheerleader.

Sandra Huntsman

Event Coordinator. Country singer, award-winning seamstress, and natural-born leader.

Kelvin Alston

Event Coordinator. Competitive cheerleader, public speaker, and humanitarian.

Dina Bailey

Event Coordinator. World traveler, avid reader, and human rights activist.

Emma Lavin

Event Coordinator, talented knitter, and accomplished event planner

Kelsey Cohen

Event Coordinator. Explorer, Dungeons & Dragons enthusiast, and proud dog owner.

Jill Cameron

Event coordinator, DIY guru,and enthusiastic trail-blazer.

Dolena Matthews

Event Coordinator. Leadership mentor and adventure camper with a natural zest for life.

Sheri Ellenberger

Event Coordinator. Globetrotter, environmentalist, and self-proclaimed Trekkie.

Brynne Sucharyna

Event Coordinator. Lover of travel, good food, and laughter.

Shannon Hodge

Event Coordinator. Fan of Pinterest and the Boston Bruins.

Brooke Nielson

Event Coordinator. Adventurer, mentor, and devoted lover of Mexican food.

Cara Trautman

Event Coordinator. Actor, novelist, and wannabe Oscar-winning archaeologist.

Leanne Saratan

Event Coordinator. DIY aficionado, dancing queen, and world traveler.

Kristin Wroblewski

Event Coordinator. Wedding planner, sportsball fan, and “Pommy Mommy.”

Lyndsay Barch

Event Coordinator. Athlete, foodie, and servant to an adorable golden retriever.

Noel Farrand

Event Coordinator. Outdoor adventurer, social connector, and learning enthusiast.

Stephanie Koenig

Event Coordinator. Professional planner, competitive curler, and ultimate frisbee champion.

Katherine Bruce

Event Coordinator. Creative crafter, wakesurfer, and self-proclaimed Scrabble champion.

The Customer Support Team

Andrea Santos

Support Coordinator, customer service professional and experienced traveller.

Aubrey Horn

Sr. Support Coordinator. Traveler, adventurer, and mother to two ferrets.

Emily Thun

Support Coordinator. Music nerd, dog enthusiast, adventurer.

Marketing Team

Luke Bailey

Sr. Marketing Copywriter. Writer, video producer, and certified taco lover.

Kara Sy

Marketing Copywriter. Travel junkie, humour enthusiast, and self-proclaimed book nerd.

Branka Jokic

Marketing Coordinator. Animal enthusiast, nature lover, and travel nut.

Innate Leaders

Joe Britto

Lead Facilitator at Innate Leaders. Psychological coach, writer, sailing and hiking enthusiast who helps others find their "leader within".

Amy Burns

Lead Facilitator at Innate Leaders. International business coach and leadership consultant.

Ruth Morris

Lead Facilitator at Innate Leaders. Global professional development coach.

Ignitor Training

Lyndon Friesen

Lead Facilitator at Ignitor Training, and skill development coach.

Michael Vogt

Lead Facilitator at Ignitor Training, skills trainer, and international teacher.

Rick Knowlan

Lead Facilitator at Ignitor Training, management consultant, and skills trainer.

Corporate Explorer Training

Kerry Ward

Founder and CEO of Corporate Explorer Training, ultra-marathon runner and member of the Toastmasters organization.

Kevin Vallely

Lead Facilitator at Corporate Explorer Training. World record holder, eco-challenge warrior and leading adventure enthusiast.

Dave Dawe

Lead Facilitator at Corporate Explorer Training. Fearless adventurer with a knack for helping organizations bring out the best in their teams.

Thomas Mangum

Lead Facilitator at Corporate Explorer Training. Entrepeneur and dynamic keynote speaker, this inspirational world traveller enjoys snowboarding and days at the beach.

Didier Jean-Francois

Lead Facilitator at Corporate Explorer Training. Didier brings his experience in consulting and his passion for employee development to his role.