Help your leadership team drive successful results for your business by equipping them with the skills and mindset necessary to work in unison and achieve a common goal.

What Is Leadership Team Cohesion Consulting?

The six attributes give a group of people a shared perspective and a shared language and that’s what a leadership team needs to excel. Enterprise thinking and flexibility of mind are just two of the attributes your leadership needs to work together to creatively solve the challenges in your business. Enterprise thinking helps leaders work for the benefit of the whole business rather than the agendas of their business units. Our consulting work allows leadership teams to work in unison towards their goals. Do that and your team becomes more than a group of individuals; they become a leadership team and that’s when the magic begins.

What Are the Six Attributes of Leadership Team Cohesion Consulting?


Being mindful means being free from the thoughts in our heads: concerns about what we should or shouldn’t say, a preoccupation with how we might look if we spoke up, or any number of other unhelpful thoughts. Mindfulness gives us space. Being mindful liberates us from the small and mundane and lets us elevate our perceptions and our conversations – and see what’s happening beneath the surface.

Genuine Curiosity

Genuine Curiosity is a way of looking at the world with fresh eyes and a mind that wants to learn, wants to be challenged, and wants to know something new. Curiosity wants to know why something is the way it is.

Flexibility of Mind

At its core, flexibility of mind is the ability to pivot our thinking quickly. Flexibility of mind flexes to accommodate barriers and challenges. It can be operationalized in a three-step process that begins with recognizing that we could be wrong. From that foundation bigger ideas can appear as we let go of a set way of thinking. Finally, flexibility of mind can easily combine bigger ideas to develop a revolutionary idea.


Without putting too fine a point on it, anyone can keep marching forward when everything’s going their way. To keep going when the outcome is in doubt, when we keep getting turned down, when our last chance has passed us by again; that’s the definition of resilience and it’s what makes the difference.

Creating Leaders

A leader who creates leaders of others understands that though getting the task done is important, it’s not the biggest opportunity. That leader understands that they can use their experience and skill to not just teach someone something, but to help other leaders too. Those “enlightened leaders” operate that way because they see every interaction with a direct report as a chance to grow as a leader.

Enterprise Thinking

Enterprise thinking is a way of working where we work not in the best interests of ourselves or our teams, but to actively pursue coordinated efforts across business areas and functions to act in the best interests of a business’ customers and strategic goals.

How Will Leadership Team Cohesion Consulting Help?

Our consultant will work with your team to build a solution that addresses a range of team cohesion challenges including the following:

Siloed leadership meetings
Teams agreeing in meetings, but acting differently outside meetings
Best practice not being shared
Real issues being avoided
Lack of flexibility and adaptability to problem solving

Our Unique Approach to Consulting

Innate Leaders offers a unique three step approach to consulting:

Step 1

We Grow the Attributes of a Leadership Mindset in Your Team

Step 2

Apply That Shift in Mindset to Your Challenges

Step 3

We Work With You To Develop A Revolutionary Plan To Address These Challenges

Innate Leaders developed the six attributes of a leadership mindset by introducing qualities like flexibility of mind, genuine curiosity and enterprise thinking. We do this by combining team coaching with management consulting in a two-stage process that helps your people think differently. First, we develop a leadership mindset then we work with teams to apply that shift in thinking to the real-world business challenges your team or organization faces. The result is a self-sustainable solution to the challenge. And because the shift in mindset stays with your business, our interactive and practical approach allows your teams to solve the challenges of today as well as tomorrow.

Meet Your Consultant

Joe Britto is a psychological coach, published author, interactive management consultant and founder of Innate leaders. His background in passion psychological coaching and critical theory allowed him to develop the unique methodology that’s at the heart of the Innate Leaders approach. Joe’s worked with multi-nationals, public sector, and SMEs for over ten years helping clients develop the mindset and behaviors of leadership and leveraging that mindset to lead their business and themselves.

The Six Attributes of a Leadership Mindset - Written by Joe Britto

Joe Britto's consulting solutions are based off of the Six Attributes of a Leadership Mindset that are explored, in detail, in his book. Joe will address the unique challenges and how the six attributes can be applied to equip your organization with a self-sustainable plan for overcoming current and future challenges.

What Our Customers Are Saying

"We worked with Innate Leaders to explore the concept of mindset in our leadership team. The conversations we had before the sessions gave the consultants a good understanding of our culture and the issues we were facing and that in turn helped them connect the work to our real world challenges. We greatly appreciated Innate Leaders' flexibility and responsiveness to our evolving needs and willingness to adapt their work both in meetings and during the planning stages. The work produced some of the best dialogue we’ve ever had as a leadership team.

Tova White, Coca-Cola Canada

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