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Meet the Team: Chad Rissanen

| Meet the Team


Get to know the team behind Outback Team Building & Training. This month, meet Chad Rissanen, Director of Sales: leadership coach, rock musician, and lover of life.

Quick Facts
  • Name: Chad
  • Department:  Sales 
  • Role: Director of Sales 
  • Favorite Team Building Activity: Team Pursuit

Chad always wanted to be a rock star. He received his first guitar when he was four years old, which put down roots for a lifelong passion for music. In the ’90s, Chad played professionally in a rock band, touring the country and performing in venues up to six days a week.

A love of the stage and a natural talent for connecting with others made it easy for Chad to transition into the business world. He quickly mastered the art of direct sales and moved into marketing, consulting, and motivational speaking, with an emphasis on personal and professional development.

The connecting thread through Chad’s journey, from being a musician on the road to a leadership coach, is his focus and tenacity. He believes in having a dream, creating a vision, and working towards a goal. “One of the biggest keys to success is having grit,” Chad says. He still plays music, when he’s not inspiring everyone in the Outback office with his positive energy.


Best thing about my job: The people I work with

Favorite musical artist: Johnny Cash

Most memorable trip I’ve ever taken: Nashville with my family

Favorite song: “Long Time Running” by The Tragically Hip

The greatest mentor in my life has been: Great books, and business leader Mark Yarnell

Book I can read again and again: The Magic of Thinking Big by David J. Schwartz

Achievement I’m most proud of so far: My two daughters 


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