The 26 Top Paid and Free Virtual Escape Rooms for Work and Friends

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Whether with colleagues or friends, virtual escape rooms are a fun way to shake off the pandemic blues, kickstart your brain, and reconnect with one another.  

When it comes to building bonds, solving problems, and putting your mental fortitude to the test, nothing beats virtual escape rooms. 

And, as the COVID-19 pandemic continues causing disruptions to in-person work and making it harder than ever to engage with colleagues, family, and friends, digital escape rooms also provide a fun and safe way to connect with your peers. 

So, we’ve built a comprehensive list of the best free and paid virtual escape rooms for colleagues and friends. 

13 Paid Virtual Escape Rooms for Work 

a group of colleagues doing a virtual escape room team building activity

If you’ve got a little bit of budget to invest in an online escape room for yourself and your colleagues, the options are pretty much limitless. 

Here are some of our favorite paid virtual escape rooms available on the internet.  

1. Virtual Escape Room: Jewel Heist 

Virtual Escape Room Jewel Heist Header 1 1

There’s been a robbery! Someone has masterminded a heist to steal a priceless collection of precious jewels, and it’s up to you and your team to recover them before time runs out. 

In this virtually-hosted escape room activity, you and your team will need to uncover hidden clues and solve a series of brain-boggling challenges that require collaboration, creative problem-solving, and outside-the-box thinking. But be quick! The clock is ticking before the stolen score is gone forever. 

This virtual activity is based on our popular in-person Corporate Escape Rooms, Jewel Heist and The Mummy’s Curse.

Price: Virtually-hosted starting at $11 per person 

2. Escape Experience 

Much like the last digital escape room we shared, Escape Experience is a hybrid activity hosted by an on-site guide. There are a ton of options available, including a race to stop a nuclear bomb, a getaway from a runaway train, or a daring prison break. Most games last approximately one hour. 

Price: $25 per person + $50 flat rate 

Tip! Send out surprise at-home snack boxes to give your team all the energy they need to escape your room and live happily ever after. As a perfect companion to any escape room box activity, they’ll love unpacking delicious snacks during the course of your event. 

3. The Escape Game Remote Adventures 

For remote teams who can’t get together in person, The Escape Game Remote Adventures offers 60-minute virtually-hosted challenges with themes like Prison Break, Gold Rush, and More. A digital dashboard also keeps track of clues and allows you to do a 360-degree scan of the room. 

Price: $30 per person 

4. The Grimm Escape 

This mythical challenge takes place in an enchanted forest accessible via Zoom, where you and your team will need to solve puzzles and escape a witch’s curse. 

Price: $25 per person 

5. YouEscape 

There is no shortage of virtual escape room options available from YouEscape, with themes ranging from music to constellations, bomb-diffusing, and solving murders.  

Price: Starting at $30  

6. Wildly Different Escape Rooms 

If you’re looking for a custom-built virtual escape room challenge, Wildly Different can accommodate. With its app-based escape rooms, they’re able to tailor questions and clues to fit your industry or brand.  

Price: Custom digital escape rooms start at $750 plus $25 per person 

7. Paruzal Games 

play paruzal games escape rooms with colleagues

While many online escape rooms focus on heists, curses, and spies, Paruzal Games offers puzzle-based challenges with themes focused on things like pizza, rock ‘n roll, golf, coffee, and movies. 

Price: Starting at $15 per person  

8. Mystery Escape Room 

These virtual escape room games are perfect for people who absolutely love a good mystery or problem solving team building activities. Channel your inner Sherlock Holmes for themed escape rooms like The Bell Witch Hauntings, Nancy Drew, Moriarty’s Parlor, and more. 

Price: Starting at $80 per event 

9. Trapped in the Web 

Unlike the question-and-answer format of many other online escape rooms, Trapped in the Web is all about using the internet to track down clues in text-based adventures that utilize video and picture elements.  

Price: Starting from $13 

10. Cofundrum Escape Rooms 

If you’re looking for a digital escape room with some added production value, check out Cofundrum. With its 3D graphics, this escape room offers a video game feel to add a new level of engagement.  

Price: $30 per activity  

11. Brain Chase 

For teams that want to take a more education-based approach to their virtual escape room team building activity, Brain Chase is a great bet. Its themes include engineering, coding, photography, and reading, making it perfect for students and teachers or anyone who simply likes to test their smarts.   

Price: Starting at $19 per activity  

12. Black Noir Online Escape Room 

black noir murder escape is a fun virtual escape room for colleagues

Looking for a virtual escape room with a great story and some fun challenges? Then this is a perfect fit for your team. Centered around solving a mysterious murder, this escape room includes multiple different rooms, each with its own unique theme.  

Price: $49.00 

13. Virtual Escape Room: Mummy’s Curse

virtual escape room mummys curse is a fun and engaging team building game on zoom

In this virtual escape room experience, your team will be transported into a pyramid cursed by a restless mummy. You’ll have to work together to uncover clues and solve complex challenges to lift the ancient curse.

Price: Starting at $12 per person

9 Free Virtual Escape Rooms for Work 

image of neon lights saying "escape room" for free virtual escape room section header

When you want to take part in an online escape room but don’t have budget to allocate towards paying for more elaborate ones, there are a ton of great, simple free versions available. 

Here are our favorite free virtual escape room games:

1. Hogwarts Digital Escape Room  

If you ever dreamt of attending Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry alongside Harry Potter and his pals, you’re going to love this free virtual escape room.  

It draws on the experience of your first year at the fantastical institution and uses a mix of Harry Potter references, logic puzzles, and fun challenges to create a magical experience for all.  

2. Dr. Who Escape Room 

For full transparency, this elaborate escape room might have a niche audience: die-hard Dr. Who fans. But if this sounds like you, then you’re going to revel in the fun of this one. 

Packed with logic puzzles and carried through a long, elaborate narrative, this free online escape room game is perfect for critical thinkers and people who love a little storytelling.  

3. The Assassination of Abraham Lincoln 

your team will love this mysterious virtual escape room

Part escape room and part pick-your-own-adventure, you’ll actually get to choose between two scenarios to craft your experience with this virtual escape room. 

Rooted in history and fused with a touch of humor, this free digital escape room game can be played multiple times in multiple different ways. 

4. Romeo & Juliet  

“O Romeo, Romeo, wherefore art thou Romeo?” 

Shakespeare loves rejoice! In this free virtual escape room, you’ll need to solve the feud between the Montague and Capulet families through math problems, literature knowledge, and logic. 

5. Golden Girls Escape Room 

Another niche-focused escape room, this one is based on the classic Golden Girls TV show. And in this activity, you’ll be working through fun themed trivia questions. A huge hit for folks that like nostalgic, virtual trivia games. The great thing about this free online escape room is that it moves quickly so you can even incorporate it into the beginning or end of a meeting. 

6. Oscar’s Stolen Oscar 

The National Aquarium created this online adventure centered around oscar fish. Teams will use resources like the aquarium’s virtual tour and educational video to answer questions while learning submarine fun facts and insights.  

7. Mr. X 

Whereas many free online escape rooms use forms and questions, this one is actually an interactive online treasure hunt.  

So, rather than simply answering questions, you’ll need to use online tools like YouTube and Google Maps to find and decipher clues as you work to locate the elusive Mr. X. 

8. Minecraft Escape Room 

Whether you’re a fan of the classic Minecraft computer game or not, you’ll still have a blast with this trendy, free digital escape room activity. 

9. See Me Escape Rooms 

If you love puzzles, you’ll be a big fan of See Me Escape Rooms. This free virtual escape room is all about solving puzzles in order to crack codes and ultimately escape. They also offer imaginative and engaging stories with this rooms which make them even more fun to take part in.  

4 Virtual Escape Rooms for Friend Groups 

a group of friends doing a virtual escape room together

Online escape rooms aren’t just for colleagues and work purposes. They can be a great way to have fun with your friends as well. 

Here are some of our favorite social virtual escape rooms to play with your friend group.  

1. Ultra Mega Super Death Escape Room 

We’ll just say this right off the bat: this is not your typical G-rated virtual escape room. It’s geared towards adults and offers complex problems with a tongue-in-cheek tone. If you and your friends have a darker sense of humor, you’re going to have a blast doing this escape room together.  

2. Pikachu’s Rescue 

Tap into some childhood nostalgia, channel your inner Pokémon trainer, and play an escape room packed with Pokémon trivia and basic math problems.  

3. Luco Online Escape Rooms 

your team will love luco virtual escape rooms

If you’re looking for a fun pastime with your pals, this online escape room offers three adrenaline-pumping storylines for you to choose from. They’re also all uniquely illustrated to give them an extra touch of fun.  

4. 60Out 

When it comes to virtual escape rooms, 60Out is unique. While it offers fun rooms to participate in with your friends, it also offers you the ability to work with strangers on puzzles in case you’re feeling a little stir crazy from staying home during the pandemic.  

When you’re feeling stuck in a pandemic brain fog, digital escape rooms are a great way to shake off the haziness, have some fun, and get re-engaged with your colleagues, family, or friends. 

Do you have a favorite virtual escape room that we might not have included here? Let us know what it is in the comments section below! 

Want to learn more about virtual escape rooms?  

If you’ve got questions about the right virtual escape room for your needs, reach out to an Employee Engagement Consultant.  


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