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Are you looking for team building activities in Seattle, Washington? Look no further! We’ve compiled 15 of the best options for you and your workgroup.

Team building is crucial for enhancing teamwork, communication, and unity in any workplace. And if you’re looking for team building activities in Seattle, you’ve come to the right place.  

Affectionately known as the Emerald City, Seattle is not only a hub of innovation and natural beauty but also an ideal playground for team building. Surrounded by water, mountains, and lush forest, its landscape provides a stunning backdrop for a range of self-guided and fully-hosted activities that encourage camaraderie, collaboration, and creativity.  

This article explores 15 ideas for team building activities in Seattle.  

1. Wild Goose Chase 

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For teams seeking an exhilarating outdoor adventure combined with a scavenger hunt, Wild Goose Chase is the perfect choice. Participants navigate through Seattle’s vibrant streets, landmarks, and hidden gems while completing various tasks and challenges using a smartphone app. 

From solving puzzles to capturing creative photos and videos, this interactive experience encourages teamwork, problem-solving, and quick thinking. With each challenge conquered, teams strengthen their bonds and explore the city in an engaging and memorable way. 

2. Pike Place Market Challenge 

Divide into teams for a scavenger hunt at Pike Place Market. Create a list of unique items and tasks to find and complete within the market, such as taking a group selfie with the famous Gum Wall, finding the oldest shop, or purchasing ingredients for a team dinner. 

3. The Amazing Chase 

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Similar to Wild Goose Chase but with a twist, The Amazing Chase offers teams a high-energy race against the clock. Teams embark on a journey across Seattle, tackling a series of checkpoints and challenges strategically placed throughout the city. 

Whether deciphering clues, completing physical tasks, or solving riddles, participants must rely on effective communication and collaboration to outpace their competitors. The Amazing Chase promises an adrenaline-fueled adventure that fosters teamwork and camaraderie while exploring Seattle’s iconic landmarks. 

4. Seattle Parks Geocaching 

Engage in a geocaching adventure through Seattle’s parks. Teams can use GPS-enabled devices to locate hidden caches in places like Discovery Park or Green Lake. This treasure hunt-style activity encourages problem-solving and collaboration. 

5. Clue Murder Mystery 

image 10

Step into the shoes of detectives and immerse yourselves in a captivating murder mystery experience with Clue Murder Mystery. Teams work together to unravel clues, interrogate suspects, and piece together evidence to solve a thrilling whodunit scenario. 

This immersive activity encourages collaboration, critical thinking, and attention to detail. With each clue uncovered, teams strengthen their investigative skills and deepen their bonds as they race to uncover the truth behind the mystery. 

6. Fremont Neighborhood Exploration 

Have teams explore the quirky Fremont neighborhood with a list of landmarks to find, like the Fremont Troll and the Lenin statue. They can take pictures, learn interesting facts, and even create a story involving the unique art they encounter. 

7. Alki Beach Cleanup & Volleyball 

Organize a beach clean-up at Alki Beach to foster teamwork and environmental stewardship. Follow it up with a volleyball tournament on the beach, promoting healthy competition and physical activity. 

Interested in more ideas like this? Check out our full list of outdoor team building activities. Here’s a quick sample of the types of ideas you’ll discover. 

Sports Day 

Organize a fun-filled day of sports! Split up into a variety of teams and participate in a wide variety of different events running throughout the day. Some of the events that are great to do at a Sports Day include: 

  • Potato sack races 
  • Tug-of-war 
  • Soccer tournament 
  • Long jump 
  • Relay race 

Archery Tag 

This unique sport combines elements of combat-type games like dodgeball with archery. Players take aim at each other with (non-lethal) arrows to score points or eliminate opposing team members. Participants can earn points by shooting an opponent, knocking out a target at the opposing teams base, or catching an opponent’s arrow midflight. 

Squirt Gun Fight 

image 9

Feel like a kid again with this nostalgic physical outdoor activity. Grab some water guns from your local dollar store (or borrow your kid’s), split into teams, and fire away! 

Blind Retriever 

In this challenging outdoor activity, teams compete against each other to try to retrieve an object – while blindfolded and in 5 minutes or less! One person is blindfolded on each team and, using only directions and simple commands from their teammates, they must try to find the object before their opponents do. Take turns with each member being blindfolded trying to find an object in a new place. This is a great way for groups to work on communication and leadership skills. 

8. Corporate Escape Rooms 

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For teams seeking dynamic team-building experiences, Corporate Escape Rooms in Seattle offer the perfect solution. These specially designed rooms cater to corporate groups, providing themed challenges that require collaboration, critical thinking, and creativity to solve. Participants find themselves transported to captivating scenarios where they must work together to uncover secrets and escape before time runs out. 

With intricately designed puzzles, hidden clues, and unexpected twists, Corporate Escape Rooms is a great option for teams of any size. Beyond the thrill of solving puzzles, these experiences offer valuable insights into team dynamics, communication styles, and leadership skills, ultimately strengthening cohesion and performance in the workplace. 

9. City Chase: Scavenger Hunt 

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City Chase: Scavenger Hunt for Seattle offers teams an exciting and interactive adventure through the vibrant streets of the city. With a smartphone app as their guide, participants embark on a scavenger hunt, completing challenges, solving puzzles, and exploring unique places. 

From iconic landmarks to hidden treasures, City Chase encourages teamwork, creativity, and quick thinking as teams strategize their way to victory. This exhilarating urban adventure provides an unforgettable team-building experience that fosters camaraderie among colleagues in the dynamic environment of Seattle. 

10. Washington Arboretum Botanical Drawing 

Visit the Washington Park Arboretum, where teams can sketch or photograph the diverse plant life. Later, they can share their drawings and discuss what they learned about the local flora, encouraging observation skills and creativity. 

11. Seattle Public Library Literary Hunt 

Teams can explore the Central Library’s unique architecture and find books by Seattle authors. They could also write short stories or poems based on prompts related to the city and share their writings with the group. 

12. Green Lake Fitness Trail 

Use the trail around Green Lake for a team fitness challenge. Set up stations for exercises like push-ups, lunges, or yoga poses, with each team member contributing to the overall team tally. 

13. Ballard Locks Engineering Challenge 

After visiting the Hiram M. Chittenden Locks, teams can engage in an engineering challenge, such as designing their own mini waterway system or creating a device that can float through a makeshift lock, using recycled materials. 

14. Olympic Sculpture Park Photo Contest 

Hold a photo contest where teams capture the most interesting angles of the sculptures at the Olympic Sculpture Park. Back at the office, they can present their photos and vote on the most artistic shots. 

15. Seattle Sound Music Mix 

Create a musical challenge where teams explore Seattle’s music scene history, from grunge to jazz. Each team creates a playlist of Seattle-related music and presents their mix with reasons why each song was chosen, potentially uncovering new tunes for the office playlist. 

Whether you like cerebral, competitive, or collaborative team building activities, the diverse range of indoor and outdoor team building activities in Seattle offers something for every team, regardless of size or industry. 

So, gather your team, embrace adventure, and embark on a journey of growth, unity, and shared experiences in the dynamic city of Seattle. 

Learn more about team building activities in Seattle.   

If you’ve got questions about how to facilitate unforgettable team building activities in Seattle, Washington, reach out to an Employee Engagement Consultant.    


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