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Are you planning a team building activity or training program in the city of Mississauga? You don’t need to settle for something basic – you can do something fun, unexpected, and local.

When you partner with our team, you can also find effective and engaging training and consulting programs in Mississauga to meet your group's needs.

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Team building activities are designed to keep your employees entertained, engaged, and motivated. They can be used to improve employee engagement and morale, or add a fun element to staff retreats.

Corporate Castaways

Recommended Location: Lakefront Promenade Park

Located next to the Mississauga Sailing Club & Marina, Lakefront Promenade Park is a beautiful grassy area on the edge of Lake Ontario. Take your group here for a day of fun team building, and you can try an exciting activity like Corporate Castaways right by the boardwalk. This outdoor challenge will transform your teammates into tribemates as they compete in a series of physical and mental Survivor-themed competitions!

Team Pursuit

Recommended Location: Hilton Mississauga/Meadowvale

Some hotels have only one or two meeting rooms that you can use for indoor team building activities, but the Hilton Mississauga/Meadowvale has over 53! From the huge Graydon Hall that can fit 1,200 people, to the smaller Executive North Studio rooms – you can try an activity like Team Pursuit anywhere in this luxury hotel.

The Amazing Chase

Recommended Location: Downtown Mississauga

You don’t need to head into Toronto to have an amazing and memorable team building experience – The Amazing Chase is a custom adventure that’s available right in downtown Mississauga! Our facilitators will create an interactive race through the city that can incorporate local attractions like Celebration Square, Playdium, and the Sky Zone Trampoline Park!

Other Team Building in Mississauga

With six different types of activities to choose from, you can find a solution that fits the needs of your group.

Top Activities: Looking for popular team building ideas for your next corporate event in Mississauga? Here are our top fast, flexible, and trusted group activities that inspire camaraderie and teamwork.

Scavenger Hunts: Corporate scavenger hunts in Mississaugaare a great way to strengthen bonds between colleagues, increase collaboration, and stimulate problem-solving skills and strategic thinking – all while exploring your surroundings in a new and exciting way. Choose from a variety of options that can be run anywhere in North America.

Indoor Team Building: Do you need a team building activity that can be run in your conference room, office, or hotel venue? Our indoor event solutions take weather out of the mix and bring the team building to you. Choose from options that can be run in a variety of indoor spaces in Mississauga and fit budgets big or small.

Outdoor Team Building: Are you looking for a fun activity that gets people outside at your next corporate event? Explore Mississauga and experience the sights around you with a fun and engaging outdoor team building activity.

Charity & Philanthropic: Have fun and give back with charity & philanthropic team building activities. Get hands-on with your Corporate Social Responsibility and make a real difference in Mississauga.

Budget Activities: Your group can have an amazing team building experience in Mississauga while staying on budget. Use smartphone technology to make your next activity more exciting, fun, and affordable.

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Employee training and development programs can be a great way to help your team strengthen bonds and sharpen their skills.

Practical Time Management

Recommended Location: Glenerin Inn

Glenerin Inn is located on the Sawmill Valley Trail, less than 30 minutes from downtown Toronto, Pearson International Airport, and Billy Bishop Airport. The conference rooms at this venue all have natural light, complimentary wireless Internet, and other amenities that make them a good choice for a half-day training session, such as Practical Time Management.

Active Employee Engagement

Recommended Location: Holiday Inn Toronto-Mississauga

Holiday Inn Toronto-Mississauga can comfortably accommodate up to 80 guests in its meeting and conference rooms. Plan a skill development session here, such as Active Employee Engagement, and you can bring in a professional facilitator to grow, develop, and sustain a more positive workplace culture.

Authentic Leadership

Recommended Location: The Waterside Inn

The Waterside Inn provides the perfect meeting space for seminars, conferences, and corporate retreats. The peaceful lakeside surroundings on Lake Ontario would be great for an experiential learning program like Authentic Leadership. What’s more, the convenient location in Port Credit means you won’t have to travel too far to get here!

Other Training & Development in Mississauga

With two different types of activities to choose from, you can find a solution that fits the needs of your group.

Skill Development: Train your team with half-day skill development programs in Mississauga. Develop key abilities that will help make your team more effective, and have a direct impact on your bottom line.

Experiential Learning: Get hands-on with experiential training programs in Mississauga. These interactive activities and workshops help bring your learning to life, so employees can practice new concepts and skills.

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While team building activities can give your group a boost of energy and improve relationships, they may not offer long-term results for deep-rooted workplace issues. Coaching and consulting can help your group develop sustainable solutions.

Leadership Team Cohesion Consulting

Recommended Location: Admiral Inn Mississauga Hotel

The Admiral Inn Mississauga Hotel offers comfortable and practical meeting facilities to suit your business needs.With a total of five rooms and over 4,300 square feet of flexible meeting space, you’ll find everything you need here for a management session on Leadership Team Cohesion Consulting, or any other management consultation.

Strategic Focus Consulting

Recommended Location: Novotel Toronto Mississauga Centre Hotel

Novotel Toronto Mississauga Centre Hotel’s largest room – The Paris Ballroom – can hold up to 400 people at a time. But the hotel also offers smaller rooms for more intimate meetings, or programs such as Strategic Focus Consulting. This venue is only seven kilometres away from the Mississauga Convention Centre, and one kilometer from the Living Art Center, making it a great choice for groups with other meetings to attend in the city.

Unique Challenges Consulting

Recommended Location: Toronto Airport West Hotel

With an ideal location and expert staff, the Toronto Airport West Hotel is a top choice for your next business meeting or event. Gather your leaders here for a Unique Challenges Consulting program, and you’ll be able to choose from over 25 unique meeting rooms to accommodate the sessions with your group.

Other Coaching & Consulting in Mississauga

With two different types of activities to choose from, you can find a solution that fits the needs of your group.

Management Consulting: Explore a range of management consulting options in Mississauga, and find out how a professional consultant can help your team get to the root of your business challenges.

Team Coaching: Whether your business is going through a small change, or heading towards a major crisis – a professional team coaching program in Mississauga can help guide your team towards success.

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