What Makes a Scavenger Hunt Great for Adults?

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A scavenger hunt is not just a game for children. When made with adults in mind, scavenger hunts can be a group reward activity that is worthy of grown ups.

If the term “scavenger hunt” has you thinking of a game for children, such as tag, and hide and seek, that’s not too surprising. It’s not often that activities with simple search and gather objectives are connected to adults.

But, in the corporate world, scavenger hunts are a solution that employees can participate in as a team building activity. In fact, budget team building activities like scavenger hunts continue to be one of our most popular team building activities for employees.

That said, not all scavenger hunts are made the same. Certain features can contribute to a more enjoyable and exciting scavenger hunt experience for adults, including:

  • Competition
  • Teamwork
  • Cognitive Challenges

What Makes a Scavenger Hunt Great for Adults?

While children might be happy to simply search for and collect random items, adults usually need a bit more to enjoy the experience. Three features that we have found to be valuable additions to scavenger hunts for adults, include:

  • Competition: When scavenger hunt participants know that there is competition, it can push them to try harder and take the challenges more seriously. With a live leaderboard that is accessible to participants through their smartphones, each team can monitor the progress of their competition.

  • Teamwork: When children participate in a scavenger hunt, they generally search by themselves or in pairs. What can add to the experience for adults is having the opportunity to work through challenges as a unit and gain respect for their teammates’ strengths.

  • Cognitive Challenges: By having participants solve problems as they work through the activity, you can make a scavenger hunt more exciting for adults. The opportunity for participants to solve problems successfully can also help build their confidence and leave them feeling accomplished.

Learn more by exploring all of our budget team building activities and scavenger hunts.

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