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How to Plan Quick Team Building Activities in 3 Easy Steps

It’s a common misconception that quick team building activities aren't as effective as longer and more in-depth ones. But the reality is that there are plenty of activities available that still deliver outstanding results, even in a short timeframe.
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Employee Engagement Strategies from 12 Business Leaders

Most companies strive to figure out how to improve employee engagement. And while every business is unique in its own way, there are key approaches that can be applied across the board. We spoke with 12 business leaders spanning a diverse array of industries about their employee engagement strategies.
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Picking the Right Icebreakers for Large Groups in 3 Easy Steps

Planning icebreakers for large groups of corporate employees can be difficult. Whether you’ve got an entirely new team of colleagues you’re trying to help get acquainted, you’re looking for an engaging way to kick off a networking event, or you’re trying to get people ready for a meeting, an icebreaker activity might be exactly what you need.
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