CASE STUDY: How MyZone Used Virtual Team Building to Boost Employee Morale During COVID-19

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How do you help maintain a positive company culture amid an unprecedented global pandemic? Here’s how we helped MyZone do it with virtual team building. 


Conduct a team building activity that would boost morale and employee engagement for a company whose employees are all working remotely due to COVID-19.

With the unprecedented COVID-19 pandemic having a drastic impact on organizations and employees around the world, MyZone found itself feeling the effects of low employee morale and engagement.

As markets took a significant hit and layoffs began happening, MyZone’s staff were starting to feel the tension and uncertainty, leading to decreased productivity and motivation. 

To make matters even more difficult, MyZone’s team works remotely with employees all over the world. This physical distancing makes it challenging for them to build a strong rapport, reinforce team dynamic, and boost morale and engagement.

MyZone was actively searching for an activity to help bring their employees closer together during this challenging time but kept running into a consistent issue: the majority of the team building activities they could find were meant to be done in person.


A virtually hosted Clue Murder Mystery team building activity to help raise their team’s spirits.

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MyZone came across Outback Team Building & Training and got in touch with us to find a solution to suit their needs. Our Employee Engagement Consultants were quick to respond and jumped to the task of finding a team building activity that met their criteria.

With remote work being mandated as self-quarantine requirements are enforced on a global scale, we had already shifted our focus to virtual and self-hosted team building activities. This allows our customers the ability to stay connected, no matter where they’re located. Therefore, our team knew right away that we had an activity that would work for MyZone.

Following an in-depth discussion with our Employee Engagement Consultant about potential options, MyZone held a quick internal vote and came out with a clear winner: a virtually-hosted Clue Murder Mystery for their team to participate in some good ol’ fashioned detective work. 

Joined virtually by our event facilitator, the event ran like clockwork:

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Using the video communications platform Zoom and our Outback Team Building & Training smartphone app, MyZone’s employees were able to seamlessly connect from all over the world – including Vancouver and Toronto, Canada; Columbia; and Bulgaria.


A Notable Boost in Morale and Camaraderie Amongst Employees from Across the Globe

Following the activity, MyZone shared that there had been a significant boost in morale and camaraderie amongst the team. Their staff were grateful for the break from work while still feeling productive and enjoyed spending some quality time with colleagues. 

They even shared with us some amazing testimonials from their team:

“It is the most fun I’ve had in months!” – Kelsey Vurdela, Senior Communications Manager

“It really took my mind off what is happening both personally and professionally with COVID-19 and I’m thankful for the mental break.” – Greg Jukes, Partnerships Manager

“Brynne was a fantastic host! She worked so well with our team and made the experience even more engaging.” – Madelaine Twomey, Public Relations Manager

Looking for Virtual or Self-Hosted Team Building Activities to Help Connect Employees and Boost Morale During the COVID-19 Pandemic?

To learn how your team can participate in a remote team building, training, or development solution, reach out to our Employee Engagement Consultants today.


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