62 Incredibly Fun Summer Team Building Ideas for 2021

colleagues enjoying summer team building
The summer months are the perfect time to get outside, enjoy some beautiful weather, and to have fun with your colleagues, so you’ll love these summer team building activity ideas for your workgroup.  

It’s that time of year again! Hot weather is here, our moods are at an all-time high, and we all feel the overwhelming urge to get out of the office, have some fun, and stock up on Vitamin D. 

And here’s some even better news: you can turn workdays into miniature summer holidays by getting your colleagues together for some amazing summer team building activities.  

If you’re looking for some inspiration for your next work event, we’ve got 62 suggestions we think you’ll love. 

Check them out. 

12 Adventurous Summer Team Building Activities

colleagues rafting for summer team building

These activities are perfect if you have a group of thrill-seekers who would like to get out of the office and get their adrenaline pumping. 

  1. Hiking Trip - Make the trek along a local hiking trail as a group. Ensure everyone has plenty of water and snacks before you begin.  
  1. Bungee Jumping - Take the plunge with your team! If your colleagues are a bunch of daredevils, this may be the best summer activity option for you. 
  1. Paddling Excursion – Choose from kayaks, canoes, or row boats before heading out on the water for some team bonding and a bit of a workout. 
  1. Build Your Own Boats – If you’re not up for renting a boat, you might love a hands-on activity like Cardboard Boat Building Challenge where you and your team will build your own boats—and then put them to the test in a real body of water. 
  1. Corn Maze - These giant mazes are often associated with the fall, but the corn stalks are actually at their peak height in August. See if your group can make it out. Not sure where to find one? Don’t worry. There’s a website that shows you every corn maze in America
  1. Paintballing - This activity is an outdoor alternative to the always-popular laser tag. Get strategic with your coworkers as you try to come out as the winning team. But get ready for a bruise or two! By the way, if you like this kind of activity, you might want to check out our list of 45 outdoor team building activities for other ideas like this. 
  1. Go-Kart or Derby Racing - Get ready to start your engines! Head out to your local go-kart track for some high-speed, competitive fun with your colleagues.  
  1. Fishing - Head to a nearby body of water and see who can catch the biggest fish! Remember to catch-and-release if you don’t have your fishing license.  
  1. Rafting Adventure - Head out on a whitewater rafting trip with your team, but don’t try this one on your own. Find a professional tour company near you. 
  1. Camping Trip - Plan an overnight outing in the wilderness with your coworkers. And don’t forget to pick up some marshmallows and roasting sticks beforehand! 
  1. Ziplining – Get ready to fly high in the air as a team! Employees are likely to bond over this unique, exciting, and memorable experience. 
  1. Amusement Park - If you’re looking for an exciting outing for your group that’s in the city, take advantage of the fun and exhilarating rides at your local amusement park. 

10 City-Based Summer Team Building Activities 

people walking around a big city

If you don’t have the time or budget to travel too far, these outings are convenient, available in most city locations, and offer a breath of fresh air. 

  1. City Tour – Play tourist in your own town or get to know the location you’re visiting with a tour of the city. Bring some team building into the experience with an activity like Wild Goose Chase
  1. Boat Cruise - All aboard! A boat cruise is a fun and classy way to spend an afternoon or evening with your team. Hop on a boat, offer some food, and get to know your colleagues while cruising around. 
  1. Scavenger Hunt – Take a scavenger hunt around your city and try your luck at overcoming “roadblocks” and “detours” with an activity like TheAmazing Chase. 
  1. Do a City Cleanup – Believe it or not, discarded masks have become a serious form of litter in the wake of the pandemic. So, if you’re up for the task, you can head out into the city with your colleagues to help clean up garbage and do your part for the community. 
  1. Charity Work - Bond with your group over a shared philanthropic experience. For example, your team can volunteer at a soup kitchen, perform random acts of kindness, orbuild bicycles for children in need. 
  1. Organize a Charity Walk or Run – Another great way to give back to those in need is to create a charity walk or run. Your team can collect donations for your pledge to walk or run a certain distance—whether it’s five or ten kilometers, or even longer if you want!  
  1. Water Park - Not located close to any natural bodies of water? You and your team can still stay cool during the hot days of summer with an outing to a local water park. 
  1. Farmers’ Market – Support local businesses and pick up fresh produce with your colleagues at a farmers’ market. Stock your organization’s fridge with what you buy. 
  1. Cook-Off – Challenge your team to an outdoor cook-off, or simply set up an afternoon or evening of BBQing at a nearby park or beach. 
  1. Racetrack - Head to your city’s local track and spend a day or afternoon at the races. Let employees know beforehand that gambling and fancy hats are optional! 

6 Nature-Focused Summer Team Building Activities

an outdoor area for summer team building

Your team can get in touch with the great outdoors by participating in any of the below activities that involve supporting, enjoying, or being surrounded by nature. 

  1. Beach Day – If your office is close to a beach, whether the ocean or a lake, make your way there for some beach games, swimming, and fun. 
  1. Water Tubing - Head to a lazy river and spend an afternoon floating downstream. Don’t forget to arrange transport from your endpoint back to where you started. Gardening – Help your colleagues get in touch with nature while cultivating a company garden. This activity can be done throughout the season, helping employees relax while getting fresh air. 
  1. Tree Planting – Although more of a day-long commitment than gardening, tree planting can be very rewarding. This is also a great option if your team is looking to break a sweat! 
  1. Explore a National Park – If your office is located near a national park, take your group there for a day of exploration. 
  1. Snorkeling – Explore the underwater marine life at your local beach. Challenge employees to see who can spot the most underwater creatures. 
  1. Picnic – Bring your team to a nearby park or green space, enjoy pre-made lunches or snacks, and offer fun, interactive activities, such asPicnic Party Games. 

19 Athletic Summer Team Building Activities

a woman doing athletic summer team building

For active groups looking to burn off energy and run around, our team recommends trying any of these sports-themed outing ideas. 

  1. Head to a Pool – Find a local outdoor pool in your area and take your team there to hang out for the day. This is a fun, social way to help colleagues build bonds together.  
  1. Lawn Bowling - If your group loves to bowl, this is a great outdoor option. While you can go to a neighborhood lawn bowling club, your team can also set this activity up almost anywhere! 
  1. Outdoor Yoga - Help employees rejuvenate with an outdoor yoga session. Set this activity up practically anywhere, such as in an office courtyard, on a rooftop patio, or at a nearby park. You can either hire a pro to help or try a free, DIY, app-based option like Yoga
  1. Kickball – If your group loves athletics but each employee excels at a different sport, kickball can be the perfect compromise. It’s fun, easy to learn, and participants are sure to get moving! 
  1. Cycling – Go for a casual bike ride around your neighborhood or take on a challenging mountain trail! Either way, make sure you map out your route before taking off. 
  1. Horseback Riding – If you have a bunch of animal lovers at your company, horseback riding is a great activity option. Employees can bond with the horses while adventuring along local trails. 
  1. Frisbee Game – Depending on what your team’s in the mood for, you can either set up an Ultimate Frisbee tournament at a sports field or head to a Disc Golf course. 
  1. Rock Climbing – Outdoor rock climbing can be an exhilarating and fun experience to share with your coworkers. That said, our team recommends partnering with professional climbers. 
  1. Driving Range or Mini Putt – Head to your local driving range or mini putt course for golf options that keep your group together and allow for a range of skill levels.  
  1. Circuit Training – Coordinate different workout stations and set them up at any close by green space. Break employees up and have them rotate through each station. 
  1. Company Olympics – Split employees into groups and challenge them to a day of track and field activities, sports matches, and more! 
  1. Batting Cage – Burn off some steam with this fun and inclusive outing. Try booking a couple of batting cages at a time, so employees get more than one opportunity to step up to the plate. 
  1. Tennis Tournament – Find some local tennis courts and set up a tournament for your colleagues. We recommend playing doubles so that everyone gets a turn. It also reduces that amount of running around each player has to do. 
  1. Spikeball – This game has become insanely popular, and for good reason! Pick up a few Spikeball nets and head out with your colleagues to have some fun and get a sweat on.  
  1. Cornhole – Simple but incredibly fun, this classic summer game involves throwing beanbags at a raised platform with a hole in the far end. For every beanbag a team sinks into the hole, they get a point. You can either buy your own board or bag, or DIY it if you’re feeling craft! 
  1. Sporting Event – Attend or watch a live broadcast of a sporting event, such as the FIFA World Cup, a Minor League Baseball game, a pro tennis match, or NHL playoffs. 
  1. Softball Tournament – If you’re feeling ambitious, you can gather some bats, balls, gloves, and helmets and divide your colleagues into teams for a softball tournament. We recommend following it with some snacks and cold drinks! 
  1. Beach Volleyball – There are no shortage of beach volleyball courts out there, so gather your team, grab some volleyballs, and head out into the sun for a fun and sandy day at the beach.  
  1. Archery Tag – This unique sport combines elements of combat-type games like dodgeball with archery. Players take aim at each other with (non-lethal) arrows to score points or eliminate opposing team members. Participants can earn points by shooting an opponent, knocking out a target at the opposing teams base, or catching an opponent’s arrow midflight. 
  1. Badminton – If you’re in search of a low-intensity sports activity that everyone can play, badminton is a great bet. And best of all, nets, birdies, and rackets can be acquired inexpensively. 

13 Creative and Entertainment-Based Summer Team Building Activities

colleagues having fun doing summer team building together

Bond with your colleagues over shared interests by taking part in activities that involve art, music, hobbies, and more. 

  1. Corporate Mural – Paint a corporate-themed mural on your building or create artwork that’s a little less permanent using chalk. 
  1. Jam Session – If your group is musically inclined, why not head to the park for a jam session? Incorporate some team building with an activity like Hardware Harmony. 
  1. Outdoor Clubs – Find a common interest you and your coworkers share and form a club! For example, you could try running, music, or food clubs and hold your meetings outdoors. 
  1. Reality TV Experience – Ever wonder how your colleagues would do on a reality show?  
  1. Arts and Crafts – Set up picnic tables with craft activities and let the creativity flow! Try making company-inspired artwork like tie-dye t-shirts using your organization’s brand colors. 
  1. Movie in the Park – Most major cities offer movie in the park events that your group can join, or you can set up your own viewing party with a portable projector screen. 
  1. Build Challenge – Get hands on with a fun teamwork activity where employees collaborate to build functional items, such as small planes in Eagle Glider Construction Challenge. 
  1. Outdoor Concert – Bond with your coworkers over your shared love of a local band or musician by attending an outdoor concert featuring one of your favorite acts. 
  1. Gotcha – This is an entertaining game that you can play in any outdoor location! Participants must try to trick each other into saying secret code words.  
  1. Break the Ice – Looking for a low impact activity that can help your team get to know each other better? Then try getting together and chatting through some icebreaker questions. From “would you rather” questions to debatable ones and themed questions covering everything from pop culture to travel, food, and more, these are a great way to discover new things about your colleagues. If you’re looking for inspiration, check out our list of 310 incredible team building icebreaker questions.  
  1. Theme Party – Gather your colleagues for a fun summer theme party. This can be anything from a tropical theme to an under-the-sea theme. The options are endless!  
  1. Visit Wineries or Breweries – Sometimes team building can be as simple as socializing outside the context of work. And for a fun, laid-back social experience, nothing beats a winery or brewery tour.  
  1. Get Stranded on an Island – Well, don’t literally get stranded, but get together with your team for aCorporate Castaways event where you’ll take on the role of tribemates and work through challenges inspired by the “Survivor” TV show!  
  1. Staff Retreat – Head to a resort town or remote location to unplug and reflect on your business. Not sure where to start? Check out our free guide on everything you need to know about planning company retreats. 

The summertime is all about getting outside, enjoying the fresh air, and having fun. So, you might as well make the most of it—and create unforgettable experiences for your colleagues while you’re at it.  

What’s your favorite summer team building activity? Let us know in the comments section below! 

Learn More About Summer Team Building Activities for Your Workgroup 

If you’ve got questions about how to host incredible summer team building activities for your colleagues, reach out to an Employee Engagement Consultant.   


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