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Featured Event: Crothall Healthcare Solves a Clue Murder Mystery

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A group from Crothall Healthcare recently participated in a Clue Murder Mystery activity. The colleagues put their heads together to strategize and communicate in order to crack the case. 

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A Clue Murder Mystery in Vancouver, BC

The employees at Crothall Healthcare experienced a lot of change in 2018, with shifts both in management and within the healthcare industry itself. In order to regroup and reset, the colleagues wanted to do something that would help them improve communication and collaboration, especially as they work in different care and residential locations across the province.

The group was already familiar with Outback – they participated in a Wild Goose Chase last year and had a really positive experience. This time, though, they called upon us to help them try something a little more cerebral: a Clue Murder Mystery!

With mysterious music playing in the background to set the mood, the participants split up into groups of six on the afternoon of their event. Each group had a different approach for figuring out whodunnit – one team left the room to quietly deliberate while another read through all of their materials thoroughly first before deciding on a course of action.

In the end, the group from Crothall successfully cracked the case and had a great time doing so. The biggest win of all, though? In the debrief survey, the participants said that they were looking forward to using what they learned at the activity back at their offices: “how to listen to one another and work together as a team.” 

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Hylton Dawson
Hylton Dawson
2 years ago

please share more details including cost per person or group. our group is approximately 25