Featured Event: Foresters Financial Gives Back With School Supply Scramble And Bookworm Builders

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A group from Foresters Financial recently participated in School Supply Scramble and Bookworm Builders. During these two charitable team building activities, the colleagues assembled backpacks full of school supplies and constructed bookshelves for children in need. 

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Foresters Financial Doubles Down on Doing Good in Nashville, Tennessee

It was the first time the North American sales team from Foresters Financial were all together in one room. A group of 40 employees, including the company’s CEO, gathered at the Union Station Hotel in Nashville, Tennessee, for their North American sales conference. After a busy morning of meetings, the company’s leadership team wanted to do something that would help the colleagues get to know each other better and also drive home the organization’s commitment to social responsibility.

Since around half of the Foresters Financial team had partnered with Outback for a Charity Bike Buildathon in 2018 and loved it, they decided to partner with us once again for another round of team building activities. But this year, they wanted to expand it to the entire team. So, with everyone in attendance, they chose to do two charitable team building activities to benefit the Boys and Girls Club of Tennessee: School Supply Scramble and Bookworm Builders.

First, the employees split into teams. Then, for the first half of their activity, the groups began the School Supply Scramble where they completed fun challenges in order to earn school supplies to fill their backpacks with.

After the packs were stuffed with goodies, the teams moved into the Bookworm Builders portion of the event, where they received materials to construct children’s bookshelves. And while everyone enjoyed the challenges and building the structures, it was the experience of putting their heads together to collaborate creatively and decorate the bookshelves that were the highlight of the day.

In the end, the event was a great success. The employees were engaged, worked together on problem-solving skills, and built lasting connections with one another. 

Perhaps the greatest win of all, though? The eight backpacks and eight bookshelves (and some children’s books to fill the shelves!) that were donated to the kids of the Boys and Girls Club.

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