Featured Event: Applied Control Equipment Builds Bikes for Charity

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A group from Applied Control Equipment recently participated in a Charity Bike Buildathon activity. The industrial equipment supply company had fun working together as they assembled bicycles for children in need. 

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A Charity Bike Buildathon in Englewood, CO

It may have been a cold December day outside, but hearts were warm inside the Applied Control Equipment office. The Colorado-based industrial equipment supplier brought together 30 account managers and salespersons from different offices, including one in Utah, to take part in a Charity Bike Buildathon – a charitable team building activity that has participants assemble children’s bicycles and then donate them to a local non-profit organization. It was a great opportunity for colleagues who don’t typically spend much time together to get to know each other better and give back to the community at the same time.

The event was a huge success. After the employees broke into six teams of five, they worked together to solve challenges in order to earn building supplies to assemble the bicycles. They leaned into their communication and collaboration skills, forming close bonds with one another in the process. After they built the bikes, each team presented their creation to the rest of the group… and made each other crack up as they did so! The Applied Control colleagues then donated their efforts to Trips for Kids, a local non-profit organization that provides cycling programs to underprivileged and at-risk youth. It was a wonderful way to end what was already a feel-good experience.

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