Picnic Party Games

Head outdoors with your team and let the Picnic Party Games begin!

  • Activity Level: Low/Moderate
  • Group Size: 10 – 10,000+
  • Event Duration: 1 – 3 Hours
  • Best Venue: Outdoor
  • Team Size: 1 – 6
  • Seasonal: Year-Round

Picnic Party Games is recommended by organizations, such as:

What Is Picnic Party Games?

Picnic Party Games is an outdoor activity available anywhere in North America, any time, for any group size. In this activity, participants see who can complete the most photo and video challenges before time runs out. It’s ideal for company picnicsBBQs, or any group looking to head outdoors for a friendly competition.

Here’s How It Works…


Head to a local park or beach with your group and split into teams, pairs, or individuals


Use the Outback Team Building app to complete challenges during your picnic or BBQ


See who can complete the most challenges before time runs out, or just play for fun!

The Perfect Activity for Groups Who Are:


The opportunity to tackle physical challenges has your team pumped up and ready to go. They’re excited to get out of their seats and burn off some steam


Your team enjoys some healthy – yet friendly – competition, and relishes the chance to earn the ultimate bragging rights of being crowned the champions of Picnic Party Games champions.


Mixing up departments and personalities is no problem for your group. Colleagues enjoy collaborating with one another, and they aren’t afraid to put themselves out there.

What’s Included with Your Picnic Party Games:


  • Self-hosted instruction guide
  • 60 Picnic Party Games challenges
  • Telephone support
  • Free media package
per person varies based on group size
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  • On-site event host
  • 60 Picnic Party Games challenges
  • Pre-event coordination
  • Dedicated Event Manager
  • Free media package
per person varies based on group size
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