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Top Team Building Activities for Popular Whistler Locations:

Team building activities are designed to keep your employees entertained, engaged, and motivated. They can be used to improve employee engagement and morale, or add a fun element to staff retreats.

The Amazing Chase

Recommended Location: Whistler Village

It’s one thing to visit Whistler, but it’s another thing to compete here! The Amazing Chase is the perfect opportunity for your team to experience the sense of camaraderie and competition that made Whistler famous during the 2010 Winter Olympics. Your group will get a whirlwind tour of the unique alpine setting that they’ll never forget!

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Cardboard Boat Building Challenge

Recommended Location: Tantalus Resort Lodge

If you’re in Whistler for company meetings or a corporate retreat, then you might want to try an indoor team building activity to break up the day’s agenda. Stay at a venue with a pool, such as the Tantalus Resort Lodge, and you can try the Cardboard Boat Building Challenge. Employees can build their boats in one of the Lodge’s meeting rooms, and then race them afterwards in the outdoor pool!

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Corporate Castaways

Recommended Location: Spruce Grove Park

Just north of Whistler Village is Spruce Grove Park, a huge patch of grassy land that has an attached Field House available for event bookings. This would be an ideal spot for an outdoor activity like Corporate Castaways, where teammates compete in a competition inspired by the TV show Survivor.

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Other Team Building Activities in Whistler:

With six different types of activities to choose from, you can find a solution that fits the needs of your group.

Top Activities

Looking for popular team building ideas for your next corporate event? Here are our top fast, flexible, and recommended group activities that inspire camaraderie and teamwork.
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Scavenger Hunts

Scavenger Hunt Team Building activities are a great way to strengthen bonds between colleagues, increase collaboration, and stimulate problem-solving skills and strategic thinking – all while exploring your surroundings in a new and exciting way. Choose from a variety of options that can be run anywhere in North America.
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Check out 20+ indoor team building activities that you can run in any conference room, office, or hotel venue. Choose from options that can be run in a variety of indoor spaces and fit budgets big or small.
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9 outdoor team building activities that are engaging, entertaining, and can be run anywhere in North America.
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Charity & Philanthropic

6 charity team building activities that are engaging, give back, and can be run anywhere in North America.
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Your group can have an amazing team building experience while staying on budget. Use smartphone technology to make your next activity more exciting, fun, and affordable.
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Top Training & Development Programs for Popular Whistler Locations:

Employee training and development programs can be a great way to help your team strengthen bonds and sharpen their skills.

Active Employee Engagement

Recommended Location: Four Seasons Resort and Residences Whistler

Located by the Squamish Lil’wat Cultural Centre, the Four Seasons Resort and Residences Whistler is a five-start hotel perfect for corporate groups in the area. This venue has 12 flexible event rooms that could host your team for a company meeting, strategy session, or half-day training program like Active Employee Engagement.

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Conflict Resolution

Recommended Location: Hilton Whistler Resort & Spa

Hilton Whistler Resort & Spa couldn’t have a better location. It’s right at the base of the ski mountains, nearby the Whistler Conference Centre, and right next to the famous restaurants in the Village. Bring in one of Outback’s skill development facilitators to run a session for your team here on Conflict Resolution, or any training topic of your choice.

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Top Coaching & Consulting Solutions for Popular Whistler Locations:

While team building activities can give your group a boost of energy and improve relationships, they may not offer long-term results for deep-rooted workplace issues. Coaching and consulting can help your group develop sustainable solutions.

Change Management Consulting

Recommended Location: The Westin Resort & Spa

It sounds counter-intuitive, but sometimes getting away from your office and your regular customers can help you discover new ways to better serve them. With Change Management Consulting, you can help team members shift their mindset so they think about problems in a more “customer-first” way. Try this multi-day session at The Westin Resort & Spa, or anywhere else in Whistler Village.

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Leadership Team Cohesion Consulting

Recommended Location: Summit Lodge & Spa

Located right on Main Street, the Summit Lodge & Spa is located in the Upper Village. Gather your company leaders here for a Leadership Team Cohesion Consulting session, and you can address the immediate and critical challenges your business is facing. A professional business coach will join you to facilitate, discuss, and guide your team forward.

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Strategic Focus Consulting

Recommended Location: Nita Lake Lodge

Looking for something a bit more remote for your next leadership meeting or retreat? The Nita Lake Lodge provides unrivalled comfort just outside of Whistler Village. Here, in one of the boardrooms overlooking Nita Lake, you can work with an Outback consultant during a program like Strategic Focus Consulting.

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