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Find out how our charitable giving program, Outback Cares, supports philanthropic organizations across North America.

Outback Team Building & Training understands the power of giving back, and values the importance of corporate social responsibility (CSR).

With Outback Cares, our philanthropic program, Outback Team Building & Training gives back to causes that are meaningful to our customers and our team members alike.

Incorporating a range of charitable initiatives, Outback Cares helps:

  • Our team give back throughout the year to the community that we live and work in
  • Support our customers in fundraising on behalf of their preferred charitable causes
  • Provide our customers with team building activities that can help them give back

Outback Cares at Our Head Office – Giving Back to the Community We Live In

Our philanthropic goals are about more than making donations. As a team, Outback Team Building & Training has contributed to the community we live and work in by supporting youth, education, health, and other social causes.

Here are a few of our annual contributions to the community, as part of Outback Cares.

1. Company-Sponsored Volunteer Days

Each year, our team heads out to the Boys and Girls Club and the Harvest Project to volunteer a couple days of our time.

Volunteering at the Boys and Girls Club gives our team the opportunity to support youth in the community, whether we’re interacting directly with the kids, painting, or gardening at the club.

At Harvest Project, an organization providing local families with food, clothing, and support, team members can volunteer in a variety of ways. Our team can choose to sort clothes, make lunches for other volunteers, or help with food hampers and restocking shelves.

2. Beach Clean Up

At this event, our team heads to a local beach to clean up garbage and debris from the shoreline, followed by a company BBQ back at head office.

3. Supporting Entrepreneurship

Each Outback Team Building & Training team member is given a monetary credit to Kiva, a micro-loan site that supports entrepreneurs in developing countries around the world. To date, our team has loaned money to aspiring business owners in countries including Bolivia, Philippines, Peru, Samoa.

4. Seasonal Giving

Every year around the holiday season, our team comes together for a little friendly competition to collect non-perishable items that Outback Team Building & Training donates to a local food bank.

Groups have fun motivating each other to collect as many items as possible, and we’ll often take part in End-Hunger Games, allowing our team to donate even more non-perishables to charity.

Over the years, our team has also been involved in many employee-driven charitable causes. Outback Team Building & Training is proud to help members of our team in supporting the philanthropic organizations that are important to them, such as:

  • Movember
  • Bowl for Big Brothers

Outback Cares at Fundraisers – Helping Organizations Raise Money Nationwide

Outback Team Building & Training is proud to support you with fundraising donations, providing charitable contributions in the form of free team building activities. These donations can be used as “prizes” to support organizations’ fundraising initiatives including, but not limited to:

  • Awards Galas and Dinners
  • Silent Auctions and Raffles
  • Fundraising and Sponsorship Challenges
  • Open Houses
  • Golf Tournaments

Over the years, our team has had the pleasure of supporting hundreds of incredible charities and organizations just like yours, including:

* BMW * Bowl for Big Brothers Classic * Children’s Hospital Aids Society * Marriott Hotel * MPI * Outreach Africa * PlentyOfFish * PwC * The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society * Variety - The Children's Charity * YWCA *

Outback Cares at Your Office – Charitable Team Building Activities

Our passion for supporting charitable causes has also inspired many of our philanthropic team building activities.

As a result, Outback Team Building & Training has helped hundreds of organizations give back with activities, such as:

Every year, each of these team building activities helps our customers with an estimated:

  • 575+ bicycle donations
  • 9,950+ non-perishable food donations
  • 47,500+ random acts of kindness
  • 150+ wheelchair donations