The Top 20 Destinations in North America for Company Retreats

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You can plan a more exciting company retreat by traveling to any one of these top destinations in North America with your team.

The best company retreat locations have it all: fun things to do, exciting sights to see, and different options to fit your budget. Check out a list of some of the top destinations our event coordinators have chosen that would be perfect for your next annual retreat, destination meeting, sales conference, or incentive trip.

The 20 Best Company Retreat Locations

#1. San Francisco, CA


San Francisco is a hub for technology companies in California, but it’s also a great place to visit for a business retreat. The city is a marvel of innovation and can serve as an inspiring backdrop for your meetings, activities, and team building sessions.

Best Time of The Year to Visit: September – November

Recommended Venues: Corporate Event Venues in San Francisco

Recommended Team Building Activities:

  • Tour Alcatraz – The famous abandoned prison is one of the top sights to see in the city. Spend the afternoon with your group taking the ferry over to the island and learning more about the notorious prisoners who were kept there.

  • Play Retro Arcade Games – Located at Fisherman’s Wharf, the Musee Mecanique is an antique penny arcade collection that will transport your group back to a simpler time. The games inside cost between 1 cent and 50 cents to play, so it won’t break your budget either!

  • Wild Goose Chase – Explore the city with an interactive scavenger hunt. Teams can split up and compete in photo and video challenges that get them running around and learning more about areas like North Beach, the Financial District, or The Presidio.
#2. Scottsdale, AZ


Scottsdale, Arizona is a great location if you’re planning a more luxurious company retreat for your team. This city has warm weather, boutique shopping, and plenty of upscale resorts that will be able to accommodate your group.

Best Time of The Year to Visit: February – April

Recommended Venues: Corporate Event Venues in Scottsdale

Recommended Team Building Activities:

  • Golfing – There are several incredible golf courses in Scottsdale, including the Legend Trail Golf Club, Meridian CondoResorts, and the Longbow Golf Club. You could plan to have some lessons for newcomers, while the more experienced golfers hit the links.

  • Clue Murder Mystery – Beat the heat with an indoor team building activity like Clue Murder Mystery. Challenge your group to put their heads together and see if they can figure out the means, motive, and method for a deadly murder.

  • Cowboy Adventures – Since you’re in the desert, why not go for an authentic cowboy experience? Take a visit to the Cave Creek Outfitters to try a guided horseback ride, an old west cookout, or some authentic cowboy games!
#3. Whistler, BC


With over 20 conference hotels, Whistler, British Columbia is a great spot on the west coast for your next meeting or retreat. Breathtaking mountains provide the perfect backdrop for corporate getaways and offer up some incredible experiences for team building.

Best Time of The Year to Visit: December – February

Recommended Venues: Corporate Event Venues in Whistler

Recommended Team Building Activities:

  • Eagle Glider Construction Challenge – Experience the natural beauty of the mountains while building and flying your very own eagle gliders. This is an outdoor team building activity that will test your engineering skills as much as your creativity.

  • Skiing and Snowboarding – In the winter months, you can take your team to the top of the Whistler and Blackcomb mountains for some incredible downhill skiing and snowboarding. It’s worth going up for the views alone!

  • Whistler Bobsleigh – Jump into a four-person bobsled and travel more than 75 mph as you twist and turn down this world-famous Olympic track. This is the type of experience you won’t be able to get anywhere else!
#4. Louisville, KY


Louisville is one of the best cities in North America for company retreats because it combines southern charm with just the right amount of quirkiness. This is a world-class destination for food, culture, and, of course, bourbon.

Best Time of The Year to Visit: September – October

Recommended Venues: Corporate Event Venues in St. Louis

Recommended Team Building Activities:

  • The Urban Bourbon Experience – There are over 44 bars and restaurants in Louisville that specialize in bourbon. Pick up a few Urban Bourbon Trail Passports at the Louisville Visitor Center and make an evening out of drinking and eating your way across the city.

  • Louisville Mega Cavern – This former limestone mine is a huge underground facility that is sure to make an impression on your group. Once you’re down under, you can try over six different indoor zip lines or test your balance on one of the rope courses in the cavern.

  • Getting to Know You – Designed for large-scale company meetings and retreats, this networking activity can help everyone get to know each other better by challenging them to learn fun facts about the other participants.
#5. New York City, NY


The largest city in the United States, New York City remains one of the top destinations for company retreats despite how expensive it can be. Here’s the good news: there are options for teams with smaller budgets as long as you’re willing to be flexible and stay a bit outside of Manhattan.

Best Time of The Year to Visit: September – November

Recommended Venues: Corporate Event Venues in New York City

Recommended Team Building Activities:

  • The Amazing Chase – Take your group on an interactive race through the streets of New York City, inspired by the hit reality TV show. Teams will have to work together and complete all of the “Road Block” and “Detour” challenges to make it first to the finish line!

  • Pizza School NYC – As any New Yorker will tell you, NYC is one of the best places in the world to eat pizza. But did you know that you can actually learn some of the pizza-making secrets from the top chefs in the city? Check out Pizza School NYC for a fun, hands-on, and filling team building experience.

  • Tour Rockefeller Center – The iconic building is in the heart of Midtown and features a stunning Observation Deck that can give your group an amazing view of the city, and a special NBC Studios tour that can show you behind-the-scenes of TV sets like Saturday Night Live.
#6. Boston, MA


Looking for an alternative, more affordable destination than New York City? Boston is growing in popularity for meeting planners, with newly upgraded convention centers. With history around every corner and a young local population, the city is perfect for attendees of any age.

Best Time of The Year to Visit: June – October

Recommended Venues: Corporate Event Venues in Boston

Recommended Team Building Activities:

  • The Action Kitchen – Bring your team into a state-of-the-art kitchen to create a menu set by a world-class chef. The Action Kitchen is perfect if you’re looking for a culinary team building experience in the city.

  • Paddle Boston River Tours – One of the best ways to see Boston isn’t on foot, but actually by kayak! These harbour tours begin and end at Kendall Square, and are designed for paddlers of any skill level.

  • Charity Bike Buildathon – Build and donate bicycles to the Boys & Girls Clubs of Boston in this popular charitable team building activity. Your team will feel great after they give back with this heart-warming experience.
#7. Puerto Vallarta, Mexico


If you’re searching for somewhere tropical for your next company retreat, Puerto Vallarta is a beautiful resort city with sunshine and beaches to spare. Event planners agree with the city slogan of “the friendliest city in the world,” and often pick the picturesque destination for conferences and meetings.

Best Time of The Year to Visit: December – February

Recommended Venues: Corporate Event Venues in Mexico

Recommended Team Building Activities:

  • Cardboard Boat Building Challenge – Head out to one of Puerto Vallarta’s sandy beaches and challenge your colleagues to build working boats out of nothing but cardboard and tape. This team building activity is sure to make a splash!

  • Zipline and Aerial Adventure Parks – Plan a day of action by going on a canopy tour and zip-lining adventure.

  • Snorkelling Trips – Dive beneath the water to see a different side of Mexico. Unlike scuba diving, anyone can learn how to use snorkelling equipment in just a few minutes and experience what life is like the under the water.
#8. Calgary, AB


Calgary is a great destination for team building retreats – it has a nice mix of big-city energy and small-town hospitality. The youthful urban core of the city is surrounded by the natural beauty of Rocky Mountain foothills, making it perfect for meetings or events that need a variety of versatile settings.

Best Time of The Year to Visit: May – September

Recommended Venues: Corporate Event Venues in Calgary

Recommended Team Building Activities:

  • Calgary Stampede – Every July, the city hosts the “greatest outdoor show on earth” celebrating western heritage and values.

  • Athlete Games – If your team is looking for something physical, at WinSport you can try anything from ziplining to the skyline luge.

  • Corporate Castaways – Compete in a Survivor-themed competition that is designed to see who can outwit, outplay, and outlast. This activity is available in any of Calgary’s beautiful parks.
#9. Denver, CO


The fresh mountain air of “Mile-High City” might just be exactly what your team needs for your next company retreat. In Denver, you’ll find a variety of exciting indoor and outdoor activities that can make your agenda more well-rounded and fun for employees.

Best Time of The Year to Visit: May – September

Recommended Venues: Corporate Event Venues in Denver

Recommended Team Building Activities:

  • Drink at Grandma’s House – No, this isn’t a joke! There’s a brewery in Denver called “Grandma’s House” that is available for private events and company retreats. It’s a 2,000 square foot room with 30-foot ceilings, homemade craft stations, homey couches, and lots of quilts.

  • End-Hunger Games – With this team building activity, you can complete challenges to earn food donation items for a local Denver food bank. Let the games begin!

  • Axe Throwing – Take a swing with this entertaining activity that can help you feel like a real lumberjack! At Bad Axe Throwing in Denver, you can work with a coach to learn the basics of throwing axes and team up for some team building competitions
#10. Orlando, FL


Orlando is well-known for its world-renowned theme parks, restaurants, and meeting facilities. And with tons of options available for business retreats, it’s no wonder that this has always been a popular destination for event planners.

Best Time of The Year to Visit: January – April

Recommended Venues: Corporate Event Venues in Orlando

Recommended Team Building Activities:

  • Walt Disney World Resort– Tap into your inner child with the Magic Kingdom, Hollywood Studios, and Animal Kingdom theme parks.

  • Universal Studios – Step into the world of the movies with wild roller coasters and interactive experiences.

  • Random Acts of Kindness – Bring your own bit of magic to “Downtown Disney” with a charitable activity challenging teams to complete as many good deeds as possible in a limited amount of time.
#11. Austin, TX


There’s such a wide variety of things to see and do in Austin, that it would be impossible to list them all out here. Just make sure that if you visit, you plan a few extra days so your group can take in as much as possible before you head back to the office.

Best Time of The Year to Visit: September – November

Recommended Venues: Corporate Event Venues in Austin

Recommended Team Building Activities:

  • Austin Bubble Soccer – Get inside giant plastic bubbles with your team and play a game of soccer like you’ve never experienced before.

  • Sample the Local BBQ – If your team has a taste for BBQ, then there’s no better destination than Austin. Check out some of the popular food tours that are available in the city.

  • Custom Events – Go on a custom adventure with your team – from learning to dance a two-step, to swimming across the Barton Springs. Mission Incredible is a great way to show your team exactly why Austin is the top destination for team building.
#12. Nashville, TN


Nashville is home to some of America’s friendliest people and would make an excellent destination choice for your next retreat. Not only is there great food, music, and entertainment – you’ll also find that venue options here are much more affordable than other locations.

Best Time of The Year to Visit: April – October

Recommended Venues: Corporate Event Venues in Nashville

Recommended Team Building Activities:

  • Party Bike and Tavern Tours What could be more fun than cycling around downtown Nashville on a gigantic bicycle with drinks and food? Check out Sprocket Tours to learn more about this trendy new activity.

  • Military Support Mission – Support the troops with a charity activity that directly benefits military personnel serving abroad.

  • AR Workshop NashvilleGet crafty with an activity that will bring out your group’s creative side. At the AR Workshop Nashville, you can participate in a private instructor-led workshop where you learn how to make some home décor out of raw materials.
#13. Washington D.C.


A destination with some of the most recognizable buildings and monuments in the world, Washington D.C. is an excellent location for meetings, business retreats, and team building. The political capital of the United States isn’t all statues and politics though – your team can try some new experiences to have a seriously good time during their visit as well.

Best Time of The Year to Visit: September – November

Recommended Venues: Corporate Event Venues in Washington D.C.

Recommended Team Building Activities:

  • Go Ape Ropes Course – Unleash your inner Tarzan with a classic team building experience. Climb up ladders, swing on ropes, and challenge your group to complete the treetop course together.

  • Common Good City Farm– Volunteer on an urban healthy food farm. Gets hands-on training on how to plant and harvest sustainable crops for the community.

  • Urban Fear Factor – Split into teams and complete interactive challenges in areas like Old Town, Capitol Hill, Georgetown, and U Street.
#14. Portland, OR


There’s a reason why the city slogan is “Keep Portland Weird,” and it’s also what makes this such a great destination for corporate retreats. Bring your group to Portland if you want employees to think a little bit differently about your business challenges and step outside of their comfort zones.

Best Time of The Year to Visit: June – August

Recommended Venues: Corporate Event Venues in Portland

Recommended Team Building Activities:

  • Domino Effect Challenge – See how well your team can think on their feet with Domino Effect Challenge. In this activity, employees use household items to assemble a gigantic “chain-reaction” device.

  • BrewBarge Portland – Enjoy Portland from a different perspective by going on a 90-minute river cruise. The best part? You can bring your own drinks on board!

  • Go Roller Skating – Oaks Park is the largest roller-skating rink in America, and an absolute blast for groups looking to team build. You can compete to see who can skate the fastest, skate in a disco, or just freestyle!
#15. Los Angeles, CA


Your team can hit the streets of Tinseltown for your company retreat to check out where the stars go, attend a taping of your favorite TV show, or just relax in the Santa Monica bay. Los Angeles is the ideal mix of relaxed west coast vibes, and serious entertainment business.

Best Time of The Year to Visit: January – April

Recommended Venues: Corporate Event Venues in Los Angeles

Recommended Team Building Activities:

  • Hollywood Walk of Fame – Stretching 15 blocks on Hollywood Boulevard, the Hollywood Walk of Fame is a great (and free) way to spend time with your group.

  • The Getty Center – Your team can marvel at one of the largest collections of art in the world, covering everything from Claude Monet to Vincent Van Gogh.

  • Escape Room: Jewel Heist – Someone has stolen a collection of precious Hollywood gemstones, and it’s up to your team to find them before time runs out! Our team can set up this escape room experience wherever your team is located, right in any hotel or venue meeting space.
#16. Seattle, WA


Yes, it does rain a lot in this city! But even on the wettest days, Seattle is a place that is fun to explore. From checking out the Museum of Pop Culture, to watching the fish fly at Pike Place Market, to going to the very top of the iconic Space Needle – this city has a lot to offer.

Best Time of The Year to Visit: July – August

Recommended Venues: Corporate Event Venues in Seattle

Recommended Team Building Activities:

  • Putt Putt Golf – The Flatstick Pub is more than just an ordinary brewhouse – it’s also home to an incredible indoor miniature golf course. Have a few drinks with your team and see if you can earn par on the surprisingly unique and challenging golf holes.

  • Supercar Derby Challenge – Want to put your teamwork to the test? Supercar Derby Challenge is a fun and exciting activity that will have employees working together to build and race their very own derby cars.

  • Go on a Ghost Tour – Looking to learn a bit more about the history of Seattle? The Spooked In Seattle Ghost Tours are a great way to explore the city while learning a bit more about some of its dark secrets.
#17. Toronto, ON


The rapidly-developing business capital of Canada, Toronto is a great spot for meetings and retreats. While there are plenty of major attractions, such as the CN Tower and Exhibition Place, there are also lots of little hidden gems in this city just waiting for your team to discover.

Best Time of The Year to Visit: September – October

Recommended Venues: Corporate Event Venues in Toronto

Recommended Team Building Activities:

  • Spin Ping-Pong – If your team likes ping-pong, then you need to check out Spin. The social club can accommodate up to 400 guests and offers customized ping-pong lessons and tournaments for corporate groups.

  • Archery Tag – One of the biggest new trends in the city is archery tag. Don’t worry – it’s not as dangerous as it sounds! All of the arrows are made out of foam, which means this is just a fun and energetic way to burn off some steam with your group.

  • Minute to Win It – Have you ever wondered what it would be like if your team was on a TV gameshow? Minute to Win It is a team building activity available in any indoor venue that has teams go head-to-head in a series of 60-second challenges.
#18. Chicago, IL


Chicago is a huge city that is also extremely accessible and easy to get around. The elevated trains can take your group anywhere from Chinatown to Lakeview, which means you can take full advantage of this destination if you plan your next corporate retreat here.

Best Time of The Year to Visit: May – June

Recommended Venues: Corporate Event Venues in Chicago

Recommended Team Building Activities:

  • WhirlyBall – What do you get when you combine lacrosse, hockey, basketball, and bumper cars? You get WhirlyBall of course! You can play this popular game in Chicago at a location with food, drinks, and other activities.

  • Indoor Skydiving – If you’re looking to try something a little bit different, the iFLY Indoor Skydiving Park is something that your team is sure to remember long after the retreat is over.

  • Random Acts of Kindness – Go spread some kindness in the city of Chicago! This charity scavenger hunt will have teams competing to see who can complete the most volunteer challenges before time runs out.
#19. Greensboro, NC


Get away from it all by visiting Greensboro, North Carolina with your group! This city has plenty of exciting attractions to see, but is also just a short drive away from several wilderness retreat locations that would be ideal for teams looking to unplug.

Best Time of The Year to Visit: May – August

Recommended Venues: Corporate Event Venues in Greensboro

Recommended Team Building Activities:

  • Hiking – From Owl’s Roost Trail to the West House Trail, there is plenty of nature walks and hikes available in the area for teams looking to explore the outdoors. These orienteering adventures can be a great way to bond and connect with your colleagues.

  • Team Pursuit – Available in any indoor hotel or meeting venue, Team Pursuit is an activity that has mental, physical, and skill-based challenges. It takes a well-rounded team to come out on top in this competition!

  • Mountain Biking Tours – Just a few hours away from downtown Greensboro is Pisgah Mountain Bike Adventures. You can plan a daytrip with their professional guides to learn how to ride and see the beautiful sights in the area.
#20. Las Vegas, NV


The entertainment capital of the world, Las Vegas is home to some of the largest hotels and casinos on the planet and is also one of the top destinations for company retreats. With new and modern convention facilities and affordable travel prices, this tourist destination is now just as much a place for business as it is for pleasure.

Best Time of The Year to Visit: March – May

Recommended Venues: Corporate Event Venues in Las Vegas

Recommended Team Building Activities:

  • Wild Goose Chase – A modern-day and budget-friendly scavenger hunt through the Las Vegas strip – complete photo challenges like splashing in the casino fountains and capturing the MGM lions in their natural habitat.


  • Dale Jarrett Racing Adventure – Drive race cars at extreme speeds on the Las Vegas Motor Speedway.

  • Shine Alternative Fitness – Learn acrobatics in a fitness class taught by real-life Cirque du Soleil performers.

Are You Planning a Company Retreat?

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