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You can offer your DMC (Destination Management Company) and event planner clients our most popular group activities and training programs, at any of your local or international destinations.

Why Do DMC's & Event Planners Choose Us

When you reach out to us, we will get back to you fast. Before your next deadline, we can provide you a professional group activity proposal that answers all your questions and meets your clients’ objectives. DMCs and event planners choose us because our group activities are


You can trust our team to have the resources and expertise to produce your client’s event – whether there’s 10 attendees, or 1,000.


You can choose from a wide range of indoor and outdoor activities, available in any of your client’s locations or destinations.


If your client or customer has special needs or requests, our event experts can tailor an activity just for you.

It was definitely a transformational event for our agency. We have done team building events before but this time I received more "thank you's" and special email messages than ever before! — Victory Agency
Your team was able to execute the multiple team building activities that went off at the same time seamlessly! Always a pleasure working with your team and really happy that you have moved into the technology-based apps - clients love it too. Love the vast array of team building activities that you can offer – it’s amazing that we can offer four different activities at the same time. — Pacific Destinations
The group had a terrific time! The winning team even wore their medallions and bandannas to the farewell awards dinner as bragging rights. It was great. Thank you to Heather and her team for making our client happy. We look forward to working with you again in the future. — Jornée
You were great to work with!! You take care of all the important details. — SH Worldwide

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