The Cardboard Boat Building Challenge ... make a splash with this highly engaging and entertaining off-site activity! At the core of the Cardboard Boat Building Challenge is a real business simulation. Real elements of actual business are built right into the event. In addition to having a great time together as a team, participants will take away lessons that will benefit your business for a long time.

Cardboard Boat Building Challenge Quick Facts
Activity Level
Event Duration
2 - 4 hours
Team Size
2 - 8
Group Size
25 - 2,000+
Best Venue
Indoor/Outdoor (With access to water)

Sink or swim, you'll benefit as a team!

Your group is divided into smaller teams and will be given materials required to construct their boat. During the course of the event, teams will have to deal with several curve balls that are not uncommon in the real world, such as, project modifications, staff changes or material shortages. At each stage teams will have the opportunity to change roles so that everyone in the group has a chance to be the project lead. The key themes this event focuses on are communication, collaboration, construction, problem-solving and strategy.

Once the boat is built, it will be evaluated in a number of areas including presentation, design, USP/marketing, cohesiveness and finally, functionality. This means that each team will be putting at least one member into the boat to complete the on-water navigational challenge. Winning the boat race will not guarantee the overall win, but it may be a big factor. Finally, there will be an awards presentation where each team will be recognized for outstanding effort and elements of their project.


Event Overview & Features

Participants will be divided into groups of 5-8 people per team for this event. Teams will be responsible for building and testing a functional boat made entirely out of cardboard and packing tape. At the end of the building process, teams will put together a group presentation that will highlight their accomplishments and ‘sell’ their boat to the client. The event lasts between 3-4 hours with some flexibility depending on venue and desired skills focus. Awards will be presented in a fun and humorous wrap-up after the boats have floated……or NOT!

What's Included

  • Full-service Cardboard Boat Building Challenge Event Package
  • Complete pre-event communication for operations and logistics
  • Event-day coordination including liaising with venue
  • On-site professional Event Leader and friendly Event Hosts
  • All materials including boat building supplies and decorations
  • Post-event re-cap and team achievement and award recognition
  • Delivery, set up, management and break down of event
  • Create a customized event to meet your needs. Contact us for details.

About Your Group

Avast! Your team is dynamic, outgoing and always up for an adventure. You need an extraordinary event that will provide a fun, engaging and memorable experience. Combining different elements and challenges with some friendly competition and a splash of the unexpected will keep your group motivated. This will also give you a chance to talk and act like pirates. Arrrr.

Investment details

Pricing for premium, full-service programs like this one depends on factors such as your group size and preferred event location. For the majority of groups we work with, pricing ranges from $123 to $360 per person. For smaller groups we do have a minimum total investment level of $7,500+. For larger groups we'll be as flexible as possible to work within your budget. Pricing does not include any venue or location rental fees.

Contact us for a fast and personalized proposal that addresses your program specifics, group dynamics, objectives and budget.