The Anti-Generic List of Company Swag Ideas for 2022 

The Anti Generic List of Company Swag Ideas for 2022 featured image
Boring generic branded swag often gets stuffed in storage, forgotten about, or thrown away. But fun, creative, and utility-driven company swag ideas will be appreciated, put to use, and achieve the desired outcome. Here are 21 ideas to consider.  

Whether it’s for the sake of building internal brand affinity or as a tool for external marketing, company swag ideas are not a new concept. 

On the contrary, branded company swag is actually incredibly common—so much so that it almost feels overdone. 

But volume isn’t the problem with common branded swag. Quality is.  

While boring and low-quality branded swag generally just ends up in a trash pile, great company swag ideas are received with excitement and put to frequent use.  

So, we’ve compiled a list of 21 company swag ideas that people will actually enjoy rather than sticking in storage and forgetting about.  

Company Swag Ideas for the Home Office

Company Swag Ideas for the Home Office

These days, more and more employees are working remotely. But that’s also meant they’ve been tasked with setting up a brand-new home workspace for themselves.

So, if you’ve got employees or customers working remotely, you can give out branded swag that will help them level up their home offices.

Wireless Charging Mousepad

In a home office, desk space is generally a scarce commodity. That’s why multifunctional branded swag items will always find a place in people’s hearts.

One of the best?

A wireless charging mouse pad that doubles as a charging station for people’s devices.

Price: From $14 per unit

Desk plants

There’s nothing more effective in livening up a home office than a touch of greenery. Whether it’s succulents or potted plants, they have a calming effect on our minds—not to mention they offer a big aesthetic boost as well.

For your next round of company swag items, consider giving stylish custom-branded planters (with plants!) that people will actually enjoy seeing in their space.

Price: Starting at $50 per planter


With their aromatic scents, stylish containers, and general ambiance-enhancing traits, candles are always a hit.

Whether they use them in their offices or somewhere else in their homes, branded candles with your company logo are another company swag idea people will really appreciate.

In fact, you can even take this one to the next level by creating a custom-scented candle that represents your brand.

Price: Starting at $44.95 per candle

Company Swag Ideas for Coffee and Tea Aficionados

Company Swag Ideas for Coffee and Tea Aficionados

If you’ve got customers or team members who are caffeine lovers, you can’t go wrong with company swag ideas centered around coffee and tea.

Yeti Mugs

If you’re going to give away branded swag, stay away from low-quality items. Spending a little extra on something that’s high-quality isn’t just a great way to show people they matter to you; it also reflects well on your brand’s sustainability practices because it reduces the volume of junk that goes into landfills.

And the people at Yeti are aware of this fact, offering fully branded custom tumblers and jugs that will keep drinks hot or cold for hours and will last for years.

Price: Starting at $30 per item

Coffee Grounds

Don’t just give the gift of a branded coffee mug. Take it to the next level by handing out custom-branded coffee bags.

That way, your customers or teammates will be thinking about your brand every time they brew up a delicious cup of joe.

You can choose from a variety of blends and roasts to pick the perfect flavor for your recipients.

Price: Custom pricing

Company Swag Ideas for Food and Drink Lovers

Company Swag Ideas for Food and Drink Lovers

Who doesn’t love a good snack or beverage? They’re one of the most universally accepted corporate gifts. So, when you’re looking for your next great company swag idea, consider giving away branded food and drink items.


What makes company swag even better? Food! That’s the philosophy at Caroo, a company that provides affordable custom-branded boxes with all kinds of incredible food and beverage goodies. They’ve even got a 60-second quiz to help you get personalized recommendations for your admin team.

Price: Custom pricing

Custom Drinks

If you really want to dish out some unforgettable company swag, you can’t go wrong with custom-branded beers, wines, and seltzers.

There’s nothing more fun than giving people delicious bevvies they can sit back and relax with or keep on hand for their next company happy hour.

Price: Starting at $2.15 per can (plus a $95 designer fee)

Company Swag Ideas for Pet Owners

Company Swag Ideas for Pet Owners

The quickest way to a pet owner’s heart? Giving them something for their furry friend. That’s why these company swag ideas are sure to be a hit with pet owners.

Branded Dog Toys

Dog toys might have a short shelf life, but that makes them an even better idea to give away as company swag.

After all, a fresh stock of dog toys will spare your customers or colleagues from having to buy new ones for a while. Plus, it’ll make for some fun times playing with their pups.

From branded frisbees to balls and chew toys, the opportunities are endless.

Price: Starting at $0.73 per unit

Branded Collars, Bandanas, and Leashes

For most dog owners, collars and leashes are a one-time purchase. That’s why giving them a high-quality, long-lasting branded one will keep your company top of mind with them for ages.

Plus, with a well-designed branded leash, you’ll keep their dog looking stylish as well.

Pricing: Custom Pricing

Pet Food Bowls

Remember a little while ago when we talked about branded Yeti mugs? Well, guess what? They also do amazing, branded dog bowls as well.

Just imagine how happy your customer or colleague will be when they receive a high-quality, dent-resistant dog bowl—and how much exposure your brand will get when they use the bowls multiple times per day for years to come.

Price: Starting at $40 per unit  

Happy Hour Company Swag Ideas

Happy Hour Company Swag Ideas 1

Whether it’s a happy hour with friends and family in their personal time or a company happy hour for spending quality time with colleagues, one thing is for sure: it’s hard to go wrong with company swag ideas that contribute to cocktails and socialization.

Rocks Glasses

For the cocktail connoisseurs at your company or on your client list, a set of branded rocks glasses—complete with a classy wooden case—can make for a memorable and frequently used company swag idea.

Price: Starting at $76.99 for a set of four glasses

Cocktail kits

If rocks glasses don’t feel like the right move, you can take it one step further and give out branded cocktail kits that come complete with everything you need to mix up delicious drinks.

For instance, you could give out branded Old Fashioned Cocktail Kits that include:

  • Small-bath aromatic bitters
  • Cane sugar
  • A travel-sized spoon and muddler
  • A recipe card
  • A coaster

Price: Starting at $40.50

And, if you’re gathering your team for a company happy hour to make use of their new swag, check out this list of happy hour games for workgroups.

Company Swag Ideas for Traveling

Company Swag Ideas for Traveling

Whether they travel for business or for pleasure, your jet-setting customers and teammates will appreciate helpful, stylish company swag that makes their journey that much more enjoyable.


For the on-the-go pro, a good backpack is a must-have. But a stylish and high-quality backpack is a massive bonus—one they’ll be proud to use.

So, rather than opting for a low-end travel bag, consider investing in a top-tier branded backpack for your company swag idea.

Price: Starting at $149.00 per unit

Company Swag Ideas for Athletes

Company Swag Ideas for Athletes

If your team is high-energy and loves to get active, you can’t go wrong giving them company swag that’s focused on being fit, healthy, and happy.

Branded Fitness Tracker

If your team or customers love to get active, then a branded activity tracker might be exactly the right company swag idea for them.

What’s even better is that you can use these to create employee engagement on your team by creating a fun, light-hearted competition among colleagues—for instance, seeing who can have the highest step count each week.

Price: Starting at $113.38

Branded Theragun

For your more seriously athletic customers and colleagues, rest and recovery are critical. So, why not give them something that helps them do just that?

With a branded Theragun, they’ll be thinking of your brand every time they sit down to recover their muscles.

Price: Starting at $399 per unit

Company Swag Ideas for Personal Time

Company Swag Ideas for Personal Time

Who says your company swag has to be focused on work? You can give people things they can use during their personal time too.

Gravity Blankets

One of the biggest new crazes out there is gravity blankets. These blankets carry a little extra weight and the cozy pressure they add is meant to help improve sleep.

So, you can’t go wrong connecting your company to something that provides them with a better night’s rest. And that’s what makes branded gravity blankets such a great company swag idea.

Price: Starting at $195.91

Slip-On Sneakers

Whether they wear them as cozy office slippers or just something to stroll around in, custom branded slip-on sneakers are a great way to put your brand out there in a unique and fashionable way.

You can customize every part of the shoes, from the upper canvas and the insole, for maximum visual impact.

Price: Starting at $82 per pair

Golf balls

For people who like to get out and spend a day on the links, branded golf balls are a great company swag idea.

Whether you want cost-conscious options or popular name brand balls, you can find a full range that your clients or colleagues will love.

Price: Varies by brand


If you’ve read our article offering 68 incredibly fun summer team building ideas, then you’re probably familiar with cornhole.

But if you haven’t, this classic summer game involves throwing beanbags at a raised platform with a hole in the far end. For every beanbag a team sinks into the hole, they get a point.

And you can create branded cornhole boards as a company swag idea to help facilitate a little bit of summer fun for your clients and colleagues.

When it comes to creating brand affinity and marketing your organization in a creative way, company swag is still a powerful tool. But it’s all a matter of finding the right company swag ideas to ensure you’re giving away useful items that people will love having—rather than ones that end up simply taking up space and collecting dust.

Does your organization give away any creative branded company swag? If so, let us know what it is in the comments section below!

Learn about team building activities to boost employee engagement.

If you’ve got questions about team building activities you can use to create stronger employee engagement within your organization, reach out to an Employee Engagement Consultant.  


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