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Are you in search of team building activities in Charlotte, North Carolina? Look no further! We’ve compiled 9 of the best options for you and your workgroup.

Looking for team building activities in Charlotte, North Carolina? We’ve got you covered. 

Known as the Queen City, Charlotte offers a vibrant blend of rich history, a burgeoning arts scene, and dynamic urban experiences. 

From exploring the bustling streets of Uptown to basking in the artistic vibes of NoDa or simply enjoying the great outdoors, our list of team building activities in Charlotte will make for the ideal day out with your colleagues.  

Here are nine options you can consider. 

1. Self-Guided Brewery Tour  

Discover Charlotte’s thriving craft beer scene with a self-guided brewery tour. Some popular areas to try out with your team include:  

  • South End 
  • NoDa 
  • Plaza Midwood 

In search of some specific options to try out? We’d recommend The Olde Mecklenburg Brewery and NoDa Brewing Company.  

This is a great team building activity in Charlotte for socializing with your peers. 

While you’re at the breweries, don’t hesitate to ask the staff for recommendations or inquire about the brewing process. Doing so enhances the experience, provides insights into the craft, and can create some great conversation amongst your team.  

Also, be sure to remind your team to hydrate with water between tastings and nibble on food so they’re comfortable and engaged throughout.  

2. Wild Goose Chase 

image 8

You can’t go wrong with a scavenger hunt team building activity in Charlotte, and Wild Goose Chase makes it simple to do. 

Together, your team will need to think outside the box, bond as a group, and venture outside into the community in order to complete a series of fun and unique photo and video challenges. 

You’ll need to tackle a list of challenges, including: 

  • Snap a photo of your team standing next to a large public clock that reads EXACTLY 22 minutes past the hour 
  • Search for a business that is open 24 hours 7 days a week and snap a photo of a team member with the sign showing the business’ hours 
  • Snap a photo of a teammate next to a vehicle that has an “antique” or “collectible” license plate 
  • Head to a nearby playground and take a photo of your entire team balanced on a seesaw. Here’s the catch: everyone’s feet must be off the ground while balanced! 
  • Find a hopscotch course or use a piece of chalk to create your own on a sidewalk. Record a 5-second video of a teammate hopping and completing it 
  • Stage a martial arts battle with another team in a nearby park. Record a 5-second video of both teams facing each other (with plenty of space between you) and doing the famous crane kick 

The team with the most points when time runs out will be named the winners! 

3. Host a Picnic   

With 230 parks and facilities spread across more than 21,000 acres of parkland in the county, there are no shortage of options for picnics as a team building activity in Charlotte.  

If you ask us, we’d recommend heading to Freedom Park or Romare Bearden Park.  

Your team members can bring their own food for a picnic and engage in classic outdoor games like frisbee, bocce ball, or relay races. Some food ideas include mini sandwiches or even a charcuterie board-style meal. Remind your team to bring plenty of water, sunscreen, and other sun protection wear.  

4. Art Crawl Adventure  

Head out and embark on an artistic team building activity in Charlotte with your workgroup.  

Charlotte’s art scene is vibrant with galleries, murals, and public installations, particularly in neighborhoods like NoDa and South End. 

You can host a self-guided tour that allows your team to appreciate local art, discuss their interpretations, and bond over shared interests. It’s an inspiring way to foster creativity and teamwork. 

Wondering where to start? We’d recommend: 

  • The McColl Center 
  • The Light Factory 
  • The murals in NoDa 

At each stop, encourage discussions about the art. Ask open-ended questions like, “What do you think the artist is trying to convey?” Be sure to balance the walking with some stops at cafes and restaurants.  

5. Corporate Castaways  

image 9

Ever wondered how your team would fare if they were stranded on a deserted island? With this team building activity in Charlotte, you can find out! 

In Corporate Castaways, your team is split into “tribes”, and they all work together to tackle fun physical and mental challenges.  

Each challenge is worth a unique number of points based on its level of difficulty, so each tribe will need to be strategic in how they complete them.  

The team with the most points when time runs out will be crowned Corporate Castaways Champions!  You can offer small prizes for the winners like a swag bag or a Charlotte-themed souvenir.   

6. Volunteer Together  

If your team has a philanthropic spirit, organizing a volunteer day with a local charity or community organization can be a heart-warming team building activity in Charlotte.  

Whether it’s a food bank, animal shelter, or park clean-up, working together for a good cause strengthens team bonds and promotes a sense of shared purpose.  

Discuss with your team to identify a cause everyone is passionate about, such as hunger, education, animal welfare, or the environment.  

Then, decide which organization to reach out to. 

Some well-known organizations in Charlotte include:  

Websites like VolunteerMatch, Hands On Charlotte, and the United Way of Central Carolinas can help you find local volunteer events and organizations. 

Volunteering will provide an opportunity for your employees to give back to the community and develop a stronger connection with each other. 

7. Olympiad Challenge  

If your team likes a high-energy, physical team building activity in Charlotte, the Olympiad Challenge is for you,  

While the Olympic Games might take place every four years, that doesn’t mean you have to wait that long to build stronger bonds through healthy competition.  

In this Olympics-themed team building activity in Charlotte, your team breaks out into “nations,” choosing your national symbol and creating a custom flag. Then, you all recite an Olympic Oath rooted in integrity, fairness, and sportsmanship. 

Together, you’ll compete in this corporate Olympics by completing challenges that are inspired by the ancient athletic games. Using supplies provided in your team bag, you move through each part together, earning points for each one successfully completed. 

Whichever team gets the most points is named Olympiad Challenge Champions—your very own version of Olympic gold! 

8. Self-Guided Historical Bike Tour  

Want to tour around town and get a crash-course in history as a team building activity in Charlotte?  

Then you’ll love this one. 

Rent bikes and embark on a self-guided historical tour of Charlotte. Using a map or app, teams can visit significant historical sites and landmarks.  

Some ideas to kickstart your tour map include: 

  • Levine Museum of the New South 
  • The Historic Fourth Ward 
  • The Charlotte Cotton Mill 
  • Latta Park  

Websites like Charlotte Center City Partners or the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Historic Landmarks Commission can provide information on historical sites. 

9. Self-Guided Museum Tour  

Similar to the historical tours on this list, taking a self-guided tour through Charlotte’s museums, such as the Mint Museum and the Bechtler Museum of Modern Art, can offer a rich cultural experience for your entire team. 

First, plan out your route. Then, buy tickets online to avoid lines and ensure entry, especially for popular exhibits.  

Be sure to allocate time for each museum visit, considering travel time and allowing enough time to explore each one fully. 

Encourage team members to choose a favorite piece to discuss or present to the group. Use prompts like, “Why does this piece resonate with you?” 

After the museum visits, gather at a local cafe or park to discuss what everyone enjoyed and learned. Sharing personal reflections enhances the bonding experience. 

This team building activity in Charlotte encourages curiosity, discussion, and appreciation for the arts, helping to build a cohesive and engaged team. 

There is a diverse array of options when it comes to team building activities in Charlotte. 

Whether it’s through interactive challenges, historical explorations, or giving back to the community, these team building activities in Charlotte provide meaningful and memorable experiences that strengthen team bonds.  

By taking advantage of these self-guided activities, teams can build stronger connections and enjoy all that Queen City has to offer. 

Learn more about team building activities in Charlotte.  

If you’ve got questions about how to facilitate unforgettable team building activities in Charlotte, North Carolina, reach out to an Employee Engagement Consultant.   


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