17 Amazing Mile-High Team Building Activities in Denver

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17 Team Building Activities in Denver
Are you in search of team building activities in Denver? Look no further! We’ve compiled 17 of the best options for you and your workgroup.

Looking for a list of incredible team building activities in Denver? You’ve come to the right place.

Denver, teeming with vibrant culture, stunning natural landscapes, and rich history, is an ideal destination for bonding with colleagues and having a ton of fun in the process. 

In this article, we’ve curated 17 team building activities in Denver, from embarking on a scenic bike ride along the Cherry Creek Trail to exploring the colorful murals of the RiNo Art District.

Ready to have some fun? Read on. 

1. Mile High Scavenger Hunt

You and your team can organize a scavenger hunt throughout the city for a fun and interactive way to explore Denver. Navigate through downtown Denver, solving clues and completing challenges. 

From taking photos at the iconic Union Station to finding unique street art in the RiNo Art District, this activity encourages teamwork, quick thinking, and problem-solving.

2. Wild Goose Chase

a group of colleagues playing wild goose chase scavenger hunt team building activity

If you want to take the guesswork out of your scavenger hunt team building activity in Denver, Outback can help. 

With Wild Goose Chase, your team can get out of the office and explore Denver in a whole new way. 

Together, your team will need to think outside the box, bond as a group, and venture outside into the community in order to complete a series of fun and unique photo and video challenges.

You’ll need to tackle a list of challenges, including:

  • Snap a photo of your team standing next to a large public clock that reads EXACTLY 22 minutes past the hour
  • Search for a business that is open 24 hours 7 days a week and snap a photo of a team member with the sign showing the business’ hours
  • Snap a photo of a teammate next to a vehicle that has an “antique” or “collectible” license plate
  • Head to a nearby playground and take a photo of your entire team balanced on a seesaw. Here’s the catch: everyone’s feet must be off the ground while balanced!
  • Find a hopscotch course or use a piece of chalk to create your own on a sidewalk. Record a 5-second video of a teammate hopping and completing it
  • Stage a martial arts battle with another team in a nearby park. Record a 5-second video of both teams facing each other (with plenty of space between you) and doing the famous crane kick

The team with the most points when time runs out will be named the winners!

3. Red Rocks Hike and Picnic

Take a day trip to Red Rocks Park and Amphitheatre for a team hike followed by a picnic. 

You can choose from several trails, such as the Trading Post Trail or the Red Rocks Trail, offering stunning views of the rock formations and the Denver skyline. 

After the hike, relax with a picnic in the park’s beautiful settings.

4. Denver Art Museum Exploration

Visit the Denver Art Museum for a self-guided tour. You and your team can explore the diverse exhibits, ranging from contemporary art to indigenous artifacts. 

Discuss your favorite pieces and what inspires you, fostering creativity and open communication.

5. Brewery Tour in LoDo

Whether you make it a focal point of your team building activity in Denver or treat it as a place to rehydrate after a long day of fun, we recommend that you plan a DIY brewery tour in Denver’s Lower Downtown (LoDo) district

Want our expert advice on where to partake in some tasty beverages?

Start at the Wynkoop Brewing Company, Denver’s first craft brewery, then make your way to other popular spots like Great Divide Brewing Co. and Denver Beer Co

Along the way, you can sample a variety of craft beers, learn about the brewing process, and bond with your team.

6. Rockies Game at Coors Field

Is your team a bunch of sports fanatics? Then catch a Colorado Rockies baseball game at Coors Field. This is a classic team building activity in Denver, but that’s for good reason! 

You and your team can enjoy the excitement of the game while bonding over shared team spirit. Make sure to explore the ballpark, check out the rooftop bar, and indulge in some classic ballpark snacks.

7. Paddle Boating at Washington Park

Hot day? No problem!

Head to Washington Park for a day of paddle boating on Smith Lake. Rent paddle boats and explore the lake’s serene waters. 

Afterward, you can have a picnic or play a game of volleyball in the park’s spacious fields.

8. Cardboard Boat Building Challenge

image 5

Want to take your Washington Park paddle boating event to the next level? Then you’re going to love this. 

With Cardboard Boat Building Challenge, you’ll split into groups and create a cardboard boat made out of just the materials provided—cardboard and tape. 

Team members will have to work together to engineer a functional boat that will float and sail across water without sinking. 

Once teams have finished making their boats, they will create a presentation to explain why their boat is the best, before putting their boats to the test. The final challenge will have teams racing their boats to test their durability.

9. Self-Guided LoDo Historic Walking Tour

logan bonjean qgw61durdXo unsplash

Discover Denver’s rich history with a self-guided walking tour of the LoDo Historic District

We’d recommend that you download a guide or map and explore landmarks such as: 

  • Union Station
  • Larimer Square
  • The Daniels & Fisher Tower 

This activity combines learning with exercise and teamwork, making for a fun and well-rounded day.

10. Escape Rooms

Escape rooms are exciting team building activities in Denver that foster problem-solving, quick thinking, and collaboration in a fun, high-pressure environment.

If you’re looking for an amazing corporate escape room, Outback offers two unique options.

Escape Room: Jewel Heist

image 6

Who will be the first to find the stolen jewels? In order to crack the case, your team will need to quickly uncover the hidden clues and then solve a series of brain teasers that require collaboration, creative problem solving, and thinking outside the box.

Escape Room: The Mummy’s Curse

image 7

Uncover the secrets of Ancient Egypt to retrieve the talisman and lift the mummy’s curse! Using mysterious items provided, your team will be challenged to strategize, problem-solve, and communicate as you solve a series of puzzles… before time runs out.

11. Denver Botanic Gardens Visit

Work days are busy, and your team deserves to unwind. So, spend a relaxing day at the Denver Botanic Gardens. You and your colleagues can wander through the themed gardens, including:

  • The Japanese Garden
  • The Tropical Conservatory
  • The Rock Alpine Garden 

This peaceful environment provides a perfect setting for casual conversations and team bonding.

12. Self-Guided Street Art Tour in RiNo

Bird's eye view of Denver

Explore the vibrant street art in the RiNo (River North) Art District with a self-guided tour. This area is known for its colorful murals and creative installations.

Here are a few highlights you should check out:

  • Crush Walls Murals: Located along Larimer Street, these murals are part of Denver’s largest urban art event and feature works from both local and international artists.
  • Denver Central Market: This popular food hall is surrounded by stunning murals. Check out the artwork while grabbing a bite to eat or a coffee.
  • 34th and Larimer Street: This intersection is a hub for street art, with walls covered in vibrant and thought-provoking pieces.
  • The Infinite Monkey Theorem Urban Winery: Besides being a great spot to enjoy some wine, the exterior of this urban winery showcases some fantastic street art.
  • 34th and Walnut Street: Another hotspot in RiNo, this area features a variety of murals that reflect the district’s creative and dynamic spirit.
  • Black Shirt Brewing Co.: Not only can you enjoy a craft beer here, but the building itself is adorned with striking murals.
  • 29th and Blake Street: This corner often features rotating art pieces, providing a fresh experience each visit.

Along the way, discuss the art and its impact on the community while enjoying the district’s creative vibe.

13. Team Bike Ride on Cherry Creek Trail

Organize a team bike ride along the Cherry Creek Trail. This scenic trail runs through downtown Denver and into the suburbs, offering beautiful views and plenty of spots to stop and take in the scenery. 

14. Visit the Colorado State Capitol

Take a self-guided tour of the Colorado State Capitol. You and your team can explore the building’s beautiful architecture, learn about the state’s history, and even climb to the dome for a panoramic view of Denver. 

15. Hollywood Murder Mystery

image 9

Do you and your team love a little bit of mystery? Then we’ve got the perfect team building activity in Denver for your group.

The case is fresh, but here’s what we know so far: we’ve got an up-and-coming actress who’s been found dead in her hotel room following last night’s awards show.

We have several suspects, but we haven’t been able to put the crime on any of them for sure yet. Now, it’s up to you and your team of detectives to crack the case. Together, you’ll review case files and evidence including police reports, coroners’ reports, photo evidence, tabloids, interrogations, and phone calls as you determine the motive, method, and murderer and bring justice for the victim.

You’ll need to put your problem-solving skills to the test as you share theories, collaborate, and think outside the box with your fellow investigators.

16. DIY Cooking Challenge

Host a cooking challenge at a team member’s home or a rented kitchen space. Divide into groups and prepare different dishes or compete to create the best recipe. This fun and interactive activity encourages creativity, collaboration, and a bit of friendly competition.

17. Stargazing at Lookout Mountain

End your day with a stargazing trip to Lookout Mountain. Bring telescopes, blankets, and snacks, and enjoy the stunning night sky. This relaxing activity provides a peaceful setting for reflection and team bonding while taking in the beauty of the stars.

The Mile High City provides an abundance of opportunities for engaging and memorable moments with your team.

Embrace the adventure and teamwork as you discover all the city has to offer with unforgettable team building activities in Denver. 

Learn more about team building activities in Denver.  

If you’ve got questions about how to facilitate unforgettable team building activities in Denver, Colorado, reach out to an Employee Engagement Consultant.   


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