Introducing Outback Team Building & Training


It’s official! Our company name has changed to Outback Team Building & Training to better reflect our service offerings.

As an event or meeting planner, you will no longer need to explain to your colleagues or boss why you’re partnering with an “adventure” company for your upcoming team building or employee training session. As of January 2018, we’re officially changing our company name to Outback Team Building & Training!

Since 1992, Outback has gone from a small adventure company to one of North America’s leading team building and employee training providers.

The transition from offering paddling and hiking expeditions to producing team building activities came in 2000, when a long-time customer inquired about doing a “Survivor-style” team building activity. The event was such a success that we began creating and developing more team building solutions, and now offer over 30 different types of activities. In 2015, Outback expanded to also include employee trainingcorporate team coaching, and management consulting programs.

This year, we are officially changing our name to Outback Team Building & Training to better reflect the broad range of services that we provide.

As a company, we’re really proud of the evolution of our business. To grow the way that we have in order to meet our customers’ needs, and to have done it with such success – after 25 years in business, it felt like the right time to make the change to our name. Now, customers will be able to easily remember our company name, and find us online that much quicker. They also won’t need to give some long-winded explanations to their colleagues and bosses as to why they want to partner with an ‘adventure’ company for their next team building event or employee training seminar.— Murray Seward, President of Outback Team Building & Training

In addition to making it easier for customers to find our services, the name change will also help people better understand what our team can offer for their next corporate event.

To partner with Outback Team Building & Training for your next meeting, retreat, or conference, visit, call 1-800-565-8735, or email



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