CASE STUDY: How Team Building Helped Microsoft Employees Donate a Truckload of Food

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Find out how the charity team building activity, End-Hunger Games, helped a group of Microsoft employees donate a truckload full of non-perishable items to a local food bank.

THE QUESTION – “Do you have a charitable activity that can help our team give back to our local food bank?”

These days, many organizations aren’t just writing checks to charities. Instead, they’re helping employees give back in more hands-on and collaborative ways.

Of companies surveyed, Forbes Magazine reports that, “60% are incorporating contests and events as a way to add fun to workplace giving programs and keep them vibrant.”

With a well-known reputation for corporate social responsibility, Microsoft appears to be among that 60%.

One of the tech company’s management teams wanted a way to bond outside of the office while giving back to their community as a group. Specifically, they were looking for an activity that was fun, interactive, and could help them donate to a local food bank.

THE ANSWER – “End-Hunger Games”

End-Hunger Games was the perfect team building activity for Microsoft’s group.

In small teams, employees tackled group challenges, such as relay races and target practice, to earn points in the form of non-perishable food items. Teams then used the cans and boxes of food to try and build the most impressive structure in a final, collaborative contest.

At the end of the activity, all items were donated to a local food bank.

Highlights from the activity include:
  • End-Hunger Games was the perfect balance of team building and philanthropy for this group from Microsoft

  • The team was able to get hands-on with giving back, donating a truckload of non-perishable items from the activity to a local food bank

  • As a result of their donation, the team from Microsoft received overwhelmingly positive feedback from their community

  • The opportunity to give back as a group resonated with all of the employees who participated, and made them feel good about where they work


THE RESULTS – “The feedback from our community was overwhelmingly positive.”

The management team from Microsoft came away from the activity knowing they had made a difference in their community. This helped make their team building experience even more positive and gratifying for the whole group.

“On behalf of the Microsoft Management Team, I would like to officially thank you for leading our teams today through “End-Hunger Games!” The feedback from our community was overwhelmingly positive and a great way to end our day. The donation to the food bank resonated with us all and was the best part of the exercise.” 


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