4 Seasonal Giving Activities to Increase Employee Engagement

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Discover four seasonal giving activities that can help your company give back to the community – and improve employee engagement.

Build stronger employee engagement with charitable giving

Seasonal giving campaigns have become more commonplace in many offices as companies seek to help those in need.

“50% of employers are moving to year-round engagement with their workplace giving programs,” reports Forbes Magazine.

But in addition to supporting individuals in your community, did you know that your giving campaign can also have a positive impact on the people within your company?

According to Huffington Post, Millennials are almost twice as likely to be happy in their careers if they are volunteering through their workplace. And The Network for Good has shared that taking part in charitable giving can help strengthen employee relationships, and improve morale.

“Millennials who frequently participate in workplace volunteer activities are nearly twice as likely to be very satisfied with the progression of their career.”

— Huffington Post 

“Not only are workplace giving campaigns efficient tools for fundraising, they’re also effective at increasing employee engagement.” 

— Forbes Magazine

“Employee engagement through cause is a vital means by which to strengthen employee relationships, enhance employee morale and even build critical skill sets and expertise.” 

— The Network for Good

Philanthropic team building activities are the perfect way to get your group actively involved and invested in your workplace giving campaign – and, ultimately, your organization.

Fun, charitable team building activities to support seasonal giving

With these four interactive charity team building activities, you can help support your office’s charitable efforts and improve employee engagement:

End-Hunger Games

This activity challenges teams to complete tasks, and earn points in the form of non-perishable food items. At the end of the activity, all food items are donated to a charity or food bank.

With friendly competition and interactive challenges, End-Hunger Games can help get your group truly invested in the donation aspect of this activity.

“I would like to officially Thank You for leading our teams today through ‘End-Hunger Games’! The feedback from our community was overwhelmingly positive and a great way to end our day. The donation to the Mississauga Food Bank resonated with us all and was the best part of the exercise.”

— Microsoft
Charity Bike Buildathon

By taking part in Charity Bike Buildathon, your group can assemble bicycles for deserving boys and girls.

Groups are often motivated by a little friendly competition, and the prospect of delivering the bikes to children in need. 

“IT WAS AWESOME! All day today, our employees have been sharing with us how much fun they had, how they take such pride in helping the children in the community, and all in all, how fun the entire day was! The event provided a great deal of fun and togetherness for the employees. Your team was the best we have ever worked with for any of our company events.”

— Musco Family Olive Co.

Wheelchairs for Charity

In this activity, teams work together to complete challenges, learn more about common disabilities, and build wheelchairs for disabled or injured individuals.

As the wheelchairs are donated to a charity or non-profit at the end of the activity, participants often feel truly involved in the work they are doing.

“On behalf of all the employees who participated in the team building event, a big thank you from all of us! I am only getting positive feedback from the employees and my leadership team; we all really enjoyed it tremendously. Compliments to you and your team. Everyone was very professional, and an absolute pleasure to work with. I can assure you I will share our experiences with others in the company, in hopes they will have the opportunity we did, working together to build a stronger team and giving back to the community in one event.”

— PNM Resources 

Random Acts of Kindness

Challenge your group to get out into your neighborhood and complete as many random acts of kindness as they can.

“With every completed task, teams can track their progress using their smartphones. Each challenge can also help your group brighten someone’s day and make your community an even better place.  “Your team made this event stress-free and easy for me to organize. The event was fun and engaging and was exactly what I was hoping for. The app was very easy to use and I like being able to view all the pictures and videos that the teams uploaded.”

— Coast Capital Savings

By offering charitable team building activities, you can help your group give back to the community and become more invested in your organization. From collecting food donations, to building bicycles or wheelchairs for those in need, to spreading goodwill in your neighborhood, there are a variety of ways your group can get involved when you partner with our team.


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