Transform your teammates into tribemates with an outdoor activity inspired by the Survivor TV show. In Corporate Castaways, your group takes on a series of mental and physical teamwork challenges to see who can outwit, outplay, and outlast the competition.

Corporate Castaways Quick Facts
Activity Level
Event Duration
2 - 3 hours
Team Size
Any number
Group Size
10 - 2,000+
Best Venue

The tribe has spoken; this event is fantastic!

Could your team work together to memorize a complicated pattern of symbols in under 60 seconds? Would they be able to help each other through an obstacle course while blindfolded? Or solve a series of puzzles while tied together at the wrists?

In Corporate Castaways, you can test your team’s ability to collaborate, communicate, and stay calm under pressure with a series of Survivor-inspired challenges. Each challenge is designed to promote a variety of team building skills, such as trust, leadership, and strategic thinking.


Event Overview & Features

Before the event begins, your on-site event coordinator will split your group into tribes. Each tribe will theme themselves with special markings, a name they come up with, and a custom flag. Once their preparations are complete, tribes will be sent off to complete various types of challenges, marked in the surrounding areas.

There will be different physical and mental challenges to choose from, and tribes will need to strategize to complete as many as possible before time runs out. Once a tribe completes a challenge successfully, they will be awarded a certain amount of points, depending on how difficult that challenge was. At the end of the event, the tribes will come together to see who has the most points. The winning tribe will be declared the ultimate Corporate Castaway Champions!

What's Included

  • Full-service Corporate Castaways Event Package
  • Complete pre-event communication for operations and logistics
  • Event-day coordination including liaising with venue
  • On-site professional Event Leader and friendly Event Hosts
  • All materials, challenges, equipment and tribal accessories
  • Post-event re-cap and team achievement and award recognition
  • Delivery, set up, management and break down of event
  • Create a customized event to meet your needs. Contact us for details.

About Your Group

Your team likes to compete, share active experiences, and face challenges head-on. You want an activity that will help improve camaraderie, build trust, encourage strategic thinking, and creative problem solving. You want to mix different departments, open lines of communications, develop better working relationships… and you want to do it while having fun outside!

Example Challenges

Blind Leading The Blind

Each tribe designates a leader to guide their blindfolded teammates through an obstacle course. The blindfolded teammates enter the course one at a time to collect items in their team’s color. The leader will guide teammates using their voice only.


Tribes must work in pairs to collect three bags that have been hidden in the designated area. Each bag has 5-7 letter tiles inside it. Once they’ve found all three, tribes must put the tiles together to form a phrase and show the nearest host to earn their points.

Tuckered Out

Teams compete head-to-head in a food eating challenge. Each tribe must select teammates to eat (potentially gross) food items. Tribes must select teammates to eat the food items before they see what food is in the bag. Tribe members who can finish their food will earn extra points for their team.

Investment details

Pricing for our premium, full service team building events like this one depends on factors such as your group size and preferred event location. For the majority of groups we work with, pricing ranges from $71 to $200 per person. For smaller groups we do have a minimum total investment level of $4,950+. For larger groups we’ll be as flexible as possible to work within your budget. Pricing does not include any venue or location rental fees.

Contact us for a fast and personalized proposal that addresses your program specifics, group dynamics, objectives and budget.