Build a gigantic “chain-reaction” machine and set it in motion with this collaborative team building activity.

Activity Level: Low

Event Duration: 3 - 4 hours

Team Size: 2 - 8

Group Size: 8 - 2,000+

Best Venue: Indoor

Seasonal: Year-round

What Is Domino Effect Challenge?

Domino Effect Challenge is an indoor activity available anywhere in North America, any time, and for any group size. This hands-on activity challenges teams to collaborate as a group, get creative, and think outside the box.

Here's how it works...

  1. 1
    Split into teams to design sections of a gigantic “chain-reaction” machine
  2. 2
    Connect the machine using special materials and last-minute “wild card” additions
  3. 3
    Watch and cheer each other on as you set everything in motion
Teams had a great time. For most of them it was a new experience. The event provided a healthy balance of physical and mental activities in a great team setting.10/10!


The Perfect Activity for Groups Who Are:


Always quick to come up with outside-of-the-box solutions, your group welcomes any activity that can help them think creatively and have some fun.


Your team loves working with their hands to solve a problem. They enjoy challenging themselves mentally, especially as a group.


Your group would like to get something extra out of their team building. They are looking for fun ways to practice business skills, like leadership, communication, and problem solving.

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Download Domino Effect Challenge Brochure

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What's Included With Your Domino Effect Challenge


  • All cardboard and construction materials
  • All accessories and design items
  • Free media package with event photos


  • On-site events team
  • All set up and tear down
  • Closing ceremony to end your event and review key takeaways

Customer Support

  • Pre-event telephone communication
  • Full-service event-day package
  • Post-event follow-up and support
$5,200 minimum investment

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