What’s the Difference Between a Manager and a Leader?

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For one global technology company, their executive retreat was the perfect opportunity to transform their front-line managers into effective leaders. The tech company worked with our coaching and consulting facilitator to develop a “Leadership Regardless Of Title” custom program for their retreat.

Most of the managers attending were in charge of small teams at the company, and had little leadership experience. The program trained them on strategic leadership concepts and reinforced the learning with fun, interactive simulations and memorable experiences.

Key Focus: Leaders vs. Managers


Joe Britto, our leading coaching and consulting facilitator, kicked things off with a simple question: is there a difference between a manager and a leader? Over the course of the afternoon, the executive retreat program helped participants demonstrate how it’s possible to be both a manager and a leader. The tech managers took part in a series of interactive activities, each specifically designed to highlight a key leadership concept.

To reinforce the importance of listening to, and empowering colleagues and direct reports, Joe gave the group a physical challenge. Participants lined up and worked together to move a ball down through the hands of each participant as quickly as possible. To complete the challenge effectively the group needed to listen to each other, allow people without titles to lead, and create a collaborative environment.

Similarly, other key leadership concepts – including how to help build on others’ ideas, and employee coaching – were immediately reinforced and practiced.

Effective and Fun Executive Retreat Results


 At the end of the activity, participants worked together to record the key elements from the session they could take and apply back in the office. The experience proved to be worthwhile for everyone participating, and participants walked away from the experience feeling more confident in their leadership skills.

Here’s what one program manager had to say after the event:

“I am so very pleased with the wonderful facilitation that Joe Britto provided for our event. What he produced was the perfect blend of interactive team building and thought-provoking learning. Joe’s ability to quickly digest the participants’ questions and comments and respond at exactly the right moment with exactly the right point was especially impressive. The collaborative process of co-developing the course with Joe, and his ability to weave in new ideas that we discussed even up to the day before the event, exceeded my expectations. I could not have been happier with the outcome!”

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