Three Charity Events That Made a Difference

| Charity Team Building

A Non-Profit Organization Gets Involved in Their Community 

You don’t need months or even weeks to plan your next charity team building event – we often work with companies who only have a matter of days to pull together an activity. That was the case for a team from Project Lead The Way, a non-profit organization based out of Indianapolis.

Play It Forward was the perfect opportunity for them to give back in a more hands-on way. Participants were given a small budget to perform good deeds for strangers in their community – like handing out flowers, snacks, high-fives, and hugs.

“Our team had a great time,” said Lana Kroft, VP of Finance. “The app was easy to use, interactive and entertaining. It was fun, required managing a budget, and at the same time it made you feel like you were giving something back to the community.”


Pharmaceutical Employees Discover Their Cause

Did you know our philanthropic activities can be adapted for any charity or corporate cause? AbbVie has a corporate commitment to volunteerism, so their team in Montreal wanted an activity to highlight all the local volunteer opportunities for their employees.

Our facilitators developed a custom philanthropic event that would help engage their group to learn more about volunteering in the area. Teams competed in a series of challenges to earn points, with each activity tying back to a specific volunteer opportunity. For example, participants balanced balls on cans of food while they learned about volunteering at the local food bank.

At the end of the activity, information sheets were available for the different charities around the city, and a record number of employees signed up to become new volunteers.


A Communications Company Gives Back in a Big Way 

If you have a big group of employees, you can count on our team to facilitate a charity activity that will make an equally big difference. That’s why Bell Canada partnered with us to organize simultaneous Charity Bike Buildathon events in three cities – Mississauga, Montreal, and Ottawa – that brought their teams together to build bicycles for their local Boys & Girls Clubs.

Altogether, nearly 200 employees participated in the challenge, which included building the bikes, as well as designing and presenting marketing campaigns to a panel of judges. Highlights included outrageous singing, grown men riding children’s bicycles, and fully bilingual advertisements for the bicycles.

While the Ottawa event was the smallest of the three, the local Boys & Girls Club took inspiration from the donation and decided to plan a “bike the canal day” with the kids. It may seem like a small thing, but good deeds and donations like these can have a ripple effect on the people in need.

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