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How to Get Naysayers Excited About Indoor Team Building

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Discover three ways that you can offer your group thrilling, high-energy, and unique indoor team building with our latest activity, Clue Murder Mystery.

Employees often want to get outside and have some fun away from their workspace, especially during the summer months. But outdoor activities aren’t the only events that can help your team escape their daily routine and have a thrilling team building experience.

Forget trust falls, name games, and group jigsaw puzzles. By including certain elements in your activity, like those found in our new solution, Clue Murder Mystery, you can show the naysayers just how fun and engaging indoor team building can be.

Three ways to make your indoor activity stand out

Leave the boring indoor games and pastimes behind, and try activities that are unique and engaging, such as one of our latest solutions, Clue Murder Mystery.

Clue Murder Mystery joins the ranks of other team building activities, such as Escape Room: Jewel Heist and Kidnapped! A Rescue Mission. Each of these solutions have three things in common that make them great alternatives to active, outdoor team building experiences:

1. Interaction

You can help make your indoor event stand out with tasks that encourage participants to interact with the activity itself, as well as each other. Solutions with a variety of challenges, such as answering skill testing questions and searching for clues, can help keep everyone engaged and excited about what they’re doing.

2. Narratives

Activities that follow an exciting storyline can provide intrigue, motivation, and help groups stay interested in the challenges. A narrative can either unfold as participants accomplish tasks or be an unchanging focus – but either way it can help make the activity memorable and a unique experience.

3. Competition

Competition is a great motivator. When teams compete against each other, they’ll be more likely to get into the spirit of the activity. Including a live leaderboard that tracks teams progress is a great way to help participants see where they stand against their competition and keep them interested.

Learn more about Clue Murder Mystery – an indoor activity with interactive challenges, a unique storyline, and competition woven right in.

Clue Murder Mystery – not your average rainy day group activity

The recent popularity of modern-day docu-dramas, like the podcast Serial and Netflix’s Making a Murderer, suggests that murder mysteries have the ability to capture the attention of the masses. After their respective debuts, social media erupted with potential theories, as viewers played detective and tried to make sense of each case.

Now your group can step into the role of investigator and experience the thrill of trying to solve a mystery, and explore the dark and intriguing world of homicide. Each challenge helps shape the interactive narrative and awards points for each correctly solved answer.

Run on your smartphone through our app, Clue Murder Mystery is:

  • Portable and available across multiple locations at the same time
  • Budget-friendly and a great alternative to hosted events
  • Inclusive for participants of all ages and abilities


Find out more about indoor team building solutions by getting in touch with us at 1-800-565-8735, via email at info@outbackteambuilding.com, or by requesting a callback using our Contact Us form.


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