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Hands-On Team Building Events Your Group “Will Remember Forever”

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Summer company outings are always fun – but how can you make sure this year’s barbeque or picnic is truly unforgettable? Give your team a hands-on experience they “will remember forever” with one of our popular build events, such as Supercar Derby Challenge or Wheelchairs for Charity.

Are you looking for ways to make your annual summer event stand out this year? While you can’t go wrong with a traditional barbeque or outdoor games, you can help make this year’s outing really memorable with an interactive build event.

Get employees into teams and challenge each group to design, construct, and test functional items, such as cardboard boats, wheelchairs, or even derby cars, for an event your group “will remember forever.”

After all, who could forget the corporate barbeque where you and your colleagues successfully built functional derby cars and raced them through an obstacle course?

Popular Build Events

Why Are Build Events Popular?

  • They’re exciting – A build event can bring out a little friendly competition and push your group to take risks and have fun.

  • They’re hands-on – Your team can get their hands dirty with tangible materials and results.

  • They’re rewarding – Watch your efforts come to life, and gain insight into group dynamics in a fun environment.

“Our team will remember this event forever. We had so much fun and it gave us an opportunity to not only learn more about leadership, team, strategy, and risk, but we had an opportunity to laugh at ourselves!!!!! Thank you for all you did…you will hear from Jackmont again for our next event.”

— Jackmont Hospitality, Inc. (Cardboard Boat Building Challenge)

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