Create Your CSR Events Calendar in Six Easy Steps

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Creating a corporate social responsibility (CSR) events calendar is easier than you think. Find out how your team can start giving back throughout the year with these six easy steps.

Corporate social responsibility (CSR) is no longer just for large Fortune 500 companies. Organizations big and small are now budgeting for CSR, with 64% of CEOs reporting an increased investment in corporate social responsibility in 2016, according to Huffington Post.

What’s more, your customers and employees have come to expect it. Over 88% of consumers and 70% of young Millenials believe companies should commit to CSR-related initiatives, according to Forbes and TIME Magazine.

Simply put – it’s time to create a CSR program for your company. 

Worried it’s too expensive, time-consuming, or complicated? Here are six easy steps you can take to set up your CSR events calendar and get started right away.

For a printable checklist and detailed examples of each step, you can also download your free How to Build Your CSR Events Calendar guide.

Six Steps to Develop Your CSR Events Calendar

1. Create Your CSR Vision

First, determine your company’s goals. What do you want to achieve in one, five, or ten years? Do you want to help relieve childhood poverty or help keep your local parks clean? Why is this important to your company? From there, you can decide on how your team will work towards those goals, through events like food drives or benefit dinners. You may also want to choose a philanthropic organization to partner with, if it aligns with your vision.

2. Implement Your Strategy

Reach out to any organizations you want to partner with, such as your local food bank, and determine how your CSR program can help support them. Once your partnerships are in place, create any promotional materials you may need before announcing the program.

3. Communicate to Your Organization

Once your philanthropic objectives have been defined and all partnerships and materials are ready to go, it’s time to communicate the program company-wide.

4. Encourage Your Team to Get Involved

Employees are more likely to become invested in the program if they are regularly involved. Encourage them to participate through events or updates on your CSR goals.

5. Measure Your Program’s Success

Create benchmarks within your organization to monitor different areas of success, such as customer loyalty, employee engagement, and community impact.

6. Share & Celebrate Your Achievements

Share the success of your program with your customers through your company newsletter or a press release. And don’t forget to celebrate any achievements with your team!

Not Sure Where to Start?

For a printable CSR checklist with detailed examples, download How to Build Your CSR Events Calendar.


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Sudhir Sinha
Sudhir Sinha
4 years ago

want to take help for developing a CSR training calendar