A Manager’s Guide to Improving Employee Engagement



Having an engaged workforce can be crucial to your company’s success. As a manager, you can use this free guide to help effectively measure, track, and improve employee engagement within your organization for long-lasting results.

Does your organization have an employee engagement problem? First thing’s first, you’ll need to collect measurable data from your team. Then, you’ll have to evaluate your results and determine why employees aren’t feeling engaged. Next, you’ll want to decide on the best strategies to increase engagement levels within your company.

Sounds like a lot of effort, doesn’t it? Don’t worry! With this guide, created specifically for managers, you’ll have access to tips, expert advice, and insight on:

  • How to effectively monitor employee engagement
  • Common engagement issues and ways to solve them
  • How Outback was able to drastically improve its eNPS
  • Ways large companies around the world maintain high engagement
  • What it means to engage Millennials within your organization
  • Long-term strategies to keep your employees satisfied at your company

“We need to obviously make sure that we are getting what we need from employees, but we also need to make sure they are getting what they need from us as an employer.”

– Olivia Jackson, HR Generalist at Outback Team Building & Training

Continue reading for a complete list of resources to help you better engage employees, or download your free PDF version of A Manager’s Guide to Improving Employee Engagement.

Table of Contents

How Engaged Is Your Team?

If you’re not sure how to determine engagement levels at your company, this resource can help you better understand how to collect and calculate measurable data.

Effective Ways to Improve Employee Engagement

Have you discovered that employees are feeling dissatisfied with their role and your organization? In this section, you’ll find different strategies to help you increase employee happiness at work.

Engaging Employees for the Long Haul

Once you’ve determined how to improve engagement, there’s still work to be done! This resource can help you come up with a sustainable plan to keep your team interested in the work they’re doing.

Download Your Free Guide

Don’t forget you can also download your free copy of A Manager’s Guide to Improving Employee Engagement for an all-in-one PDF version of the above resources. The 25-page guide provides complete instructions on monitoring employee data, the top five engagement issues, straightforward solutions, as well as expert tips and advice.

You can also get in touch with an Employee Engagement Consultant today to learn how our team can help you successfully drive engagement within your organization.


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Bill Collins
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