50 Ways to Improve Your Office Working Environment

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This online guide will provide you with some easy ideas on how to modernize your workplace and boost employee engagement by improving your office working environment.

Wouldn’t it be nice if your office working environment was a place where your employees actually wanted to spend lots of time? The look and feel of your space can directly impact the people who work in it, in a variety of ways.

This guide will give you some ideas on how to design your workplace to make the most of it, and to create a more engaging and productive space for employees.

Specifically, you’ll find expert advice and insights on:

  • Easy things you can do for under $100 to change how your space looks and improve the way your office working environment feels.
  • The best office plants to help make your workplace feel healthier and more lively.
  • Items you can purchase to easily improve working environments and make your team more productive.
  • Interior design tips to help you encourage more collaboration and teamwork in the office.
  • Ways you can curate a better common space so employees are able to rest and recharge on their breaks.

Continue reading for a complete list of resources that can help you make the most of your workspace, or download your free copy of 50 Ways to Improve Your Office Environment.

Table of Contents

Office Design and Employee Engagement

Wondering how improving your office working environment can contribute to your team’s productivity and overall well-being? Check out the below resource for expert advice on the subject.

Things You Can Do to Enhance Your Own Workspace

Find out how you can transform your office with these simple, effective, and affordable ways to improve your working environment. Each resource offers specific insight into different approaches you can take to make the best of your workplace.

Other Resources on Employee Engagement

So, you’ve improved your office working environment but now you’re looking for additional insight on how to help your employees feel more engaged. Check out these great resources for more information on how to improve your team’s experience at work.

A Printable Checklist to Improve Your Office Working Environment

You can also use the following list to keep track of your workplace improvements:

Changes that Cost Under $100

❑ Better Lighting ❑ Play Some Music ❑ Get the Right Scents ❑ Hang Recognition Boards ❑ Display Core Values
❑ Rethink Your Entryway ❑ Consider Clocks ❑ Adjust the Temperature ❑ Set Up KPI Screens ❑ Reinforce Your Mission

Add Office Plants

❑ Devil’s Ivy ❑ Snake Plant ❑ Peace Lily ❑ Dracaena ❑ Bamboo ❑ Hawthoria ❑ Gasteria ❑ Echeverias ❑ Kalanchoe ❑ Rebutia

Improve Employee Workspaces

 ❑ Standing Desks ❑ Ergonomic Chairs ❑ Desk Organizers ❑ Noise-Cancelling Headphones ❑ Mechanical Keyboards

Enhance Interior Design

❑ Open Concept vs. Closed ❑ Photos and Artwork ❑ Choose the Right Colors ❑ Create Office Signage ❑ Add More Whiteboard Space ❑ Carpeting vs. Hardwood ❑ Use Mirrors ❑ Bring in Home Furniture ❑ Create a Focal Point
❑ Theme Your Office

Curate a Better Common Space

❑ Office Library ❑ Healthy Snacks ❑ Beer Keg ❑ Coffee Station ❑ Comfortable Seating ❑ TV + Netflix ❑ Quiet Rooms ❑ Team Photos ❑ Workout Equipment ❑ Employee Requests

Provide Activities for Breaks

❑ Ping Pong Table ❑ Board Games ❑ Basketball Hoop ❑ Jigsaw Puzzles ❑ Foosball Table

Learn More About Modernizing Your Workplace

Don’t forget to download your free copy of 50 Ways to Improve Your Office Environment for an all-in-one PDF version of the above resources.

You can also reach out to an Employee Engagement Consultant for even more ideas on how to promote productivity at work with team building activities and training programs. 


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